Using Data-Bound Web Controls in .NET

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Using Data-Bound Web Controls
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The previous chapter covered lots of controls and control hierarchies. But one thing that was not covered was the ability to connect, or bind, to data. This chapter looks at methods of binding data for the purpose of presenting the data to the user. Since database access hasn t been covered yet, the data in this chapter will primarily come from an ArrayList. It s important to understand the data-binding basics, which will be somewhat consistent, regardless of whether the data source is an ArrayList, an XML file, or a database. Completion of this chapter will allow the data chapters to focus on data access.
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Questions Q & A
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Q: Is it possible to edit the data that is being displayed in a DataGrid control A: Yes. The DataGrid will be covered in detail in this chapter. Q: Is there a way to present data, like catalog items, in a left-to-right format instead of a top-down format A: Yes. The DataList is the control for you. The DataList has RepeatLayout and RepeatDirection properties that can help you achieve a left-to-right display of data. This will be covered in this chapter.
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Q: I have a collection of Cars, and I noticed that the DataGrid only displays the properties, but not the public member variables. Is there a way to display the public member variables as well A: Absolutely. This chapter will cover some of the methods of getting to this data.
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Data-Binding Basics
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Data binding refers to connecting to data. Data binding typically defines a method of connecting presentation controls to a data object without having to write code that moves data back and forth to and from the data object to the presentation control and vice versa. When the term data binding is used with ASP.NET, it typically refers to connecting a server control to a data object. Binding is still done between the server control and the data, but the server control will be responsible for moving data between the presentation element, which may be a browser or other Web device, and the server. Two types of binding will be covered in this chapter, single value binding and repeated value binding. Single value binding refers to connecting a single data element, such as a variable, to a property of a control, such as the Text property. Repeated value binding refers to connecting a data source that has more than one value, such as a collection, to a list control such as a DataGrid.
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Single Value Data Binding
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Single value data binding in ASP.Net can be done in an ASP.NET page using the following statement:
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<%# DataSourceExpression %>
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This statement may look much like a server-side code block, but no code can be placed in the data binding block. An example of this is a page that contains a TextBox, Label, and Button. The Label may be bound to the TextBox as follows:
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<asp:Label id=Label1 runat= server Text= <%# TextBox1.Text %> />
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Using Data-Bound Web Controls
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To activate the binding, a line of code needs to be added to the Page_Load method as follows:
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Private Sub Page_Load(ByVal sender As System.Object, _ ByVal e As System.EventArgs) Handles MyBase.Load Activate the binding DataBind() End Sub
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In addition to binding to a property of another control, binding can be done to a method or expression as follows:
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<asp:Label id=Label1 runat= server Text= <%# DateTime.Now.AddDays(1) %> /> <asp:Label id=Label1 runat= server Text= <%# "Date/Time: " & DateTime.Now.ToString() %> />
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The first example adds a day to the current date and returns the result, which is bound to the Label control. The second example evaluates the expression and places the result into the Label control. The use of " allows quotation marks to be embedded into the HTML tag. Many data binding statements may be placed on a Web page, but the databinding statements will not operate until the binding is activated. This is done by issuing a call to the Page.DataBind() or simply DataBind() method. The Page.DataBind method will call the DataBind method of all controls that are on the page. The DataBind method is implemented on System.Web.UI.Control, from which all Web controls are derived. It is sometimes desirable to only activate the binding on selective controls. This can be done by simply making a call to the DataBind method of these controls instead of calling the Page.DataBind method. In many respects, single value data binding simply reflects a different way of placing a piece of data into a server control. It is just as easy to place the following code into the page s load method.
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Private Sub Page_Load(ByVal sender As System.Object, _ ByVal e As System.EventArgs) Handles MyBase.Load Label1.Text = TextBox1.Text Label2.Text = DateTime.Now.AddDays(1) Label3.Text = Date/Time: & DateTime.Now.ToString() End Sub
So where is the value The real value of data binding can be realized when performing repeated value binding.