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CompareValidator inherits from the BaseCompareValidator class. The CompareValidator uses comparison operators such as greater than and less than to compare the user s entry with either a constant or a value in a different control. The CompareValidator can also be used to verify that the user s entry is a certain data type, such as an integer. Table 5.14 lists the additional properties that are included with the CompareValidator control.
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The RangeValidator control verifies that the user s entry is within a required range. The control has MinimumValue and MaximumValue properties. These properties are used with the Type property to convert the user s entry to the proper data type prior to checking the range.
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Table 5.14 CompareValidator Properties DESCRIPTION Changeable value containing the control to be used in the comparison. This property takes precedence if this property and the ValueToCompare properties are both set. Changeable value that can be set to Equal, Not Equal, GreaterThan, GreaterThanEqual, LessThan, LessThanEqual, or DataTypeCheck. Changeable value containing a constant to be used in the comparison.
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The Type property defaults to string. For other data types, be sure to set the Type property accordingly. For example, if the Type is still set to string and numeric range is being checked from 1 to 10, only strings that begin with the string letter 1 are valid.
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The RegularExpressionValidator control checks a control based on a regular expression. Regular expressions offer powerful pattern matching capabilities that might normally require writing code to accomplish. This control contains a property called ValidationExpression, which is a changeable value that contains the regular expression to be applied. If the regular expression is matched, validation succeeds.
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When setting the ValidationExpression property in Visual Studio .NET, click the ellipse button to display the regular expression editor, which contains many common regular expressions. There are also many Web sites that offer regular expression libraries, such as
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The CustomValidator control is used when is it necessary to create a custom validation script for a control. A custom validation script can be written using client-side or server-side code.
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Working with Web Server Controls
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Client-Side Validation Examples
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To setup client-side validation, the ClientValidationFunction property must be assigned to the name of a function that has the following method signature:
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function ClientFunctionName(source, arguments)
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Function is a JavaScript function, ClientFunctionName is a function name of your choosing, source is a reference to the CustomValidator that called the function, and arguments contains two properties, Value, which is the value to be validated, and IsValid, which is initialized as true, but the custom validation script should assign a true or false to this argument before exiting. In the following code example, the Web page contains a TextBox called TextBox1, with an associated CustomValidator called CheckTime. If the current hour is greater than 12 (after noon) TextBox1 must contain the phrase Deliver Tommorrow.
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<script language=javascript> <!-function CheckTime(object, arguments) { arguments.IsValid=true; var t = new Date(); var h = t.getHours(); //if after noon, TextBox1 must have the correct entry if( h >= 12 ) { //Check value in TextBox1 if (arguments.Value != Deliver Tommorrow ) { arguments.IsValid=false; } } } //--> </script>
In the following code sample, the Web page contains DropDownList1, which contains three items called Item1-3, with values of Value1-3. DropDownList1 also has an associated CustomValidator, called CustomValidator1, with its ClientValidationFunction set to a function named ValidateText. The page also has a TextBox called TextBox1, with an associated RequiredFieldValidator. The following code will turn off TextBox1 s validators if DropDownList1 s value is not equal to Value1, otherwise TextBox1 s validators are turned on. In this function, the IsValid argument always returns true.
<script language=javascript> <!-function ValidateText(object, arguments) { //object is ref to the custom validator //arguments has a Value and IsValid //property. // //check the value to see if //it is equal to Value1 . if(arguments.Value != Value1 ) { alert( Turning off validation ); //turn off TextBox1 validators var e=document.getElementById( TextBox1 ).Validators; for(var x =0;x < e.length;x++) { var el = e[x]; //hide the validator cause it my //be visible hidden ; el.enabled=false; } } else { alert( Turning on validation ); var e=document.getElementById( TextBox1 ).Validators; for(var x =0;x < e.length;x++) { var el = e[x]; //Make the validator visible //if the TextBox1 is not valid. hidden : visible ; el.enabled=true; } } //always returns true arguments.IsValid=true; } //--> </script>