ConsoleApplication1::Motorcycle +New(in VIN : String) +TightenSpokes() : Boolean in .NET

Encode QR Code in .NET ConsoleApplication1::Motorcycle +New(in VIN : String) +TightenSpokes() : Boolean
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Object +GetHashCode() : Integer +Equals() : Boolean +ToString() : String +ReferenceEquals() : Boolean
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ConsoleApplication1::Vehicle +VIN : String +Model : String +WheelQuantity : Integer +EngineSize : Integer +New(in VIN : String) +New(in VIN : String, in Model : String) +StartEngine() : Boolean +StopEngine() : Boolean
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ConsoleApplication1::Motorcycle +New(in VIN : String) +TightenSpokes() : Boolean
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Figure 4.11 Vehicle inherits from Object, Motorcycle inherits from Vehicle. All public members of each class are available as shown when using Visual Basic .NET. The left side is a UML representation of the inheritance. VIN and Model are underlined to denote they are read-only fields.
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The .NET Framework only supports single inheritance. Some languages, such as unmanaged C++, support multiple inheritance, but managing multiple inheritance can become a quandary, especially when multiple base classes have members with the same names. Single inheritance was a design decision across all .NET languages, and there are methods of accomplishing the intent of multiple inheritance, such as the implementation of interfaces (discussed in the Interfaces section later in this chapter).
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Overriding Methods
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In many situations, it may be desirable to override one or more methods in a base class. A common example is the System.Object.ToString method. The default behavior of the ToString method is that it returns the fully qualified name of the current object (Me). In the case of the Motorcycle from Figure 4.11, m.ToString( ) will return ConsoleApplication1.Motorcycle.
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The .NET Framework and Visual Basic .NET Object Programming
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The Vehicle class can override the ToString method to display the VIN and the Model instead with the following code:
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Public Class Vehicle Inherits Object Public ReadOnly VIN As String Public ReadOnly Model As String Public WheelQuantity As Integer Public EngineSize As Integer Public Sub New(ByVal VIN As String) Me.VIN = VIN End Sub Public Sub New(ByVal VIN As String, ByVal Model As String) Me.VIN = VIN Me.Model = Model End Sub Public Function StartEngine() As Boolean End Function Public Function StopEngine() As Boolean End Function Public Overrides Function ToString() As String Return VIN: & VIN & - Model: & Model End Function End Class
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The ToString method in the Vehicle returns a string with the VIN and the Model. Now that the ToString method is overridden in the Vehicle class, the Vehicle class and any class that derives from Vehicle automatically inherits this new behavior. Using the Motorcycle in Figure 4.11, executing m.ToString( ) returns VIN: 123 Model: . There is no Model because Motorcycle was allowed to be created without a Model.
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To override a method, the base class method must use the overridable keyword.
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MyBase Keyword
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In the previous example, it may have been desirable to return the VIN and Model as well as the fully qualified name of the class. Calls can be made to the original ToString method by using the MyBase keyword as follows:
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Public Overrides Function ToString() As String Dim s as string s = VIN: & VIN & - Model: & Model s = s & & MyBase.ToString( ) Return s End Function
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Abstract Methods and Classes
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Quite often, a class writer must provide program specification where implementation may vary depending on the class that derives from the class. Abstract methods and classes allow for the separation of the specification from implementation. Abstract methods may be created in Visual Basic .NET by using the MustOverride keyword, as follows:
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part of a class called DrawingShape Public MustOverride Sub Print( )
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In this example, a method signature is provided, but there is no implementation code and no End Sub. The idea is that the writer of this class knows that a Print method needs to be called by the application, but does not know the printing requirements for each class. Any class that derives from this class must provide implementation code for this method, even if a simple, empty code block is provided, such as the following:
Public class Circle Inherits DrawingShape Public Overrides Sub Print() provide implementation code here, but just having this code block is good enough. End Sub End class
The only way that implementation code can be provided for the Print method is to derive a new class from the DrawingShape class. This means that it is no longer possible to create an instance of the DrawingShape. To ensure this functionality, Visual Basic .NET requires the class to be labeled as MustInherit as soon as a single method is labeled as MustOverride. The DrawingShape class must be written as follows:
Public MustInherit Class DrawingShape Public x As Integer = 0 Public y As Integer = 0 Public MustOverride Sub Print() Public Overrides Function ToString() As String Dim s As String s = String.Format( {0} x={1} y={1} , MyBase.ToString(), x, y) Return s End Function End Class