Creating Web Services in .NET

Development QR Code in .NET Creating Web Services
Creating Web Services
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Figure 16.5 The search for text found a Web service that converts text to an image.
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The interface definition is a hyperlink. Clicking it displays the Web service interface information, as shown in Figure 16.6. On the right pane, clicking View Contract reveals the WSDL document, which describes all the data types exposed by this Web service. Clicking View Contract simply calls the Web service page with wsdl. Visual Studio .NET creates the WSDL document on the fly.
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Figure 16.6 The Web service interface information shows the methods that are available for this service.
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Each method may be tested without requiring the developer to create a test project. Clicking the link for each method displays information about the method. The Invoke button can be clicked to execute the method. Figure 16.7 shows the information for the RenderText method, which is the main method. This method accepts various parameters and returns a URL to the image that has been created. To see the image, the URL can be copied and pasted into the address bar in Internet Explorer. After entering the information into the test page and clicking the Invoke button, a new page is displayed. This page will contain an XML response with the image URL as follows:
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< xml version= 1.0 encoding= utf-8 > <string xmlns= > ImageID= 8b54d349be7343dc9561d53a3a7536ce </string>
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The URL that has been created is the same, except that the ImageID will be different each time. If the image URL is copied and pasted into the Address bar of Internet Explorer, the image will be displayed as shown in Figure 16.8. When the user is satisfied with the Web service, the Add Reference button may be clicked to add the Web reference to the current project.
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Figure 16.7 The RenderText method with various settings; this renders the test to an image and returns a URL to the image.
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Creating Web Services
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Figure 16.8 The image can be displayed by copying and pasting the image URL into Internet Explorer s Address.
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When the Web reference is added, the reference will be displayed under Web References in the Solution Explorer. The domain name and host name will become the namespace of the Web service. In this case, the reference was to, so the namespace for the Web service is com.teachatechie. If the reference were set to, then the namespace would be com.teachatechie.www.
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After adding a Web reference, rename the Web reference to something that is more generic than the vendor name by right-clicking the reference and clicking Rename. If the reference is left as is, the vendor s name will show up in the code when you use the namespace. This allows the Web service to be replaced with a different Web service without requiring the code to be changed.
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When the Web reference is added, Visual Studio .NET automatically loads the, the .wsdl file, and the .disco file from the Web Server, and creates a proxy class that can be used to communicate to the Web service as though the Web service were on the client machine. Figure 16.9 shows the new files that have been automatically added to the project. In this case, the namespace was changed to TextImaging.
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Figure 16.9 The Solution Explorer contains additional files after adding the Web reference. The namespace was renamed TextImaging.
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Executing the Web Server Method
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After the Web reference has been added and the namespace has been renamed, the Web service is ready to be used. This Web service contains a method called RenderText, which creates an image based on the parameters that are passed. Additional methods can be used to retrieve a list of valid values for each of the parameters. These are especially useful when populating DropDownList controls. In this example, a Web page is opened and the page layout is set to FlowLayout. An Image has been added to the top of the page to display a custom heading, and the Image control is centered. The RenderText method can be easily used by assigning the ImageURL property to a call to RenderText in the Page_Load event method as follows:
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Dim ti as TextImaging.TextToImage Private Sub Page_Load( _ ByVal sender As System.Object, _ ByVal e As System.EventArgs) Handles MyBase.Load ti = New TextImaging.TextToImage() Image1.ImageUrl = ti.RenderText( Regular , _ 36 , Impact , My Home Page , LightBlue , Blue ) End Sub
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The code to create an instance of the TextToImage class and execute the RenderText method is actually quite simple. The browser output is shown in Figure 16.10. The call to RenderText returned a URL to the image, which was assigned to the ImageURL property. Viewing the source HTML from the browser reveals the result of the RenderText call.