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Site Security
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How SSL Works
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When a user navigates to a URL that starts with https, negotiation for a session key begins. The negotiation is done via the SSL handshake protocol. The client starts by sending a hello message to the server. The server must respond with a hello message. The server s hello message also contains its certificate. This certificate contains its public key, which has been digitally signed by its Certificate Authority s private key (see Figure 13.9). If the browser has the trusted Certificate Authority s certificate installed, the browser can use the Certificate Authority s public key to validate the digital signature that is on the server s public key. If the server s public key is valid, the browser generates a session key, encrypts the session key with the server s public key, and transfers the encrypted session key to the server. The server can decrypt the session key with its private key and start an encrypted communication session with the browser.
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The default operation of some browsers, such as Internet Explorer, does not check with the Certificate Authority to see if the certificate has been revoked prior to the certificate s normal expiration. On Internet Explorer, this option can be enabled by clicking Tools, Internet Options, Advanced, Check For Server Revocation.
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Browser Client
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Initiate Conversation - Can we talk
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Web Site Server
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Validate Digital Certificate
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Hi - here's my certificate containing the public key, signed by CA's private key.
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Here is an encrypted session key.
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Communication with session key
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Figure 13.9 When the browser navigates to a URL that starts with https, negotiation for a session key starts.
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Client Certificates
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Internet Information Server also provides the ability to require client certificates in order to prove that the client is who the client claims to be. Client certificates are typically used in an environment where a high degree of security is required, and a method to distribute client certificates has been established. The use of client certificates is not a requirement for providing e-commerce on a public Web site.
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Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) Setup
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There are several steps involved in setting up Secure Sockets Layer communication. It s easy to make mistakes anywhere during the process. Most Certificate Authorities assist with changes that are required for a short time, and then charge for changes that need to be made. This section goes through the steps that are required to set up SSL, back up the certificate, and restore the certificate. Using SSL on Computers that Host Multiple Web Sites Windows supports the ability to host many Web sites. Each Web site must have its own unique IP address, port, or host header. With the lack of available IP addresses, most hosting companies use host headers to provide hosting services for multiple domain names. SSL does not work with host headers. In order to use SSL on a machine that hosts multiple domain names, a unique IP address must be provided for each Web site that uses SSL. Create the Certificate Request The Web Server Certificate wizard can be used to generate a certificate request file. After starting the wizard, click Create a New Certificate. Next, click Prepare The Request Now, But Send It Later.
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The Web Server Certificate wizard must be run on the same machine that processes the certificate when it is received from the Certificate Authority. After the certificate has been received and processed in this machine, the certificate may be exported to and imported by another machine.
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The next screen is a prompt for a friendly name for the certificate and a bit length. The friendly name is visible on the certificate, but can be any name that is desired. The default bit length of 1,024 results in 128-bit encryption, which is the recommended setting for U.S.-based Web sites. For international sites, 512 bit should be selected, which results in 40-bit encryption.
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