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Effective Permissions Read and Execute Effective Permissions Full Control
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Sue Figure 13.7 The effective permission is the union of all granted permissions minus any denied permissions.
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Site Security
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Internet Information Server Security
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Internet Information Server provides several security mechanisms that can be implemented based on the needs of the Web site. Security can be applied at the file, folder, Web site, or computer level. Security settings are typically applied at the computer level, and all Web sites, folders, and files inherit the settings. Settings can then be overridden as necessary at the Web site, folder, or file level. This section explores authentication methods, IP address and domain name restrictions, and secure communications resources that are available in IIS, as shown in Figure 13.8.
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Authentication Methods
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IIS authentication can be used to require users to provide a valid Windows username and password in order to access the Web site, folder, or file. This section covers the authentication options that are available.
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Anonymous access is typically used when allowing users to access public areas of a Web site without requiring users to enter a username and password. This method of access uses an account called the IUSR_machinename (commonly referred to as the I-User account) to access resources such as files. The IUSR account is created on the Web server when IIS is installed. This account has limited permissions. The only Windows group that this account is a member of is the Guests group.
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Figure 13.8 The security options that are available in IIS.
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When attempting to access a resource, such as a file, IIS impersonates the IUSR account and attempts to access the resource. If the access is successful, the resource is available to the anonymous Web site user. If the access is not successful, IIS attempts to use another access method, if other methods are available.
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When using ASP.NET, the IUSR account is not used. A new account is created when ASP.NET is installed, called ASPNET. This is the default account for ASP.NET anonymous access.
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Basic authentication is the most common method of collecting a username and password in order to authenticate them against a Windows user account. With Basic authentication selected, the username and password are base64 encoded and sent across the network. Base64 encoding provides a method of sending special characters without interfering with the regular HTTP communications. Base64 encoding is not encryption. Base64 encoders and decoders are readily available in many languages. The .NET Framework s Convert class contains a FromBase64String method and a ToBase64String method that can easily be used to read usernames and passwords that have been Base64 encoded. Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) encrypted communications can be used with Basic authentication in order to ensure that the username and password cannot be intercepted.
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Basic authentication with SSL is the most common method of authentication on the Internet, because it operates on most of today s browsers and can pass through most of today s firewalls.
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Digest authentication provides authentication by sending an MD5 hash of the user s credentials across the network. This is a one-way hash, which is not decipherable. When the hash is received, the hash is compared against the hash of the credentials that the server has. If the hash codes are the same, the user is authenticated. Like Basic authentication, Digest authentication can pass through firewalls, but the use of Digest authentication requires a browser that supports HTTP 1.1 protocol as defined in the RFC 2617 specification at This requirement limits the use of Digest authentication to a small number of browsers.
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Site Security
Digest authentication requires IIS to be installed in a Windows Active Directory Domain, and the user must also have a valid account in the domain. In order to use Digest authentication, the user credentials must be stored as clear text in Active Directory. There is another version of Digest authentication called Advanced Digest, which is the same as Digest authentication, except that the user credentials are stored in Active Directory as a hash, instead of being stored as clear text. Digest authentication is not a good choice for Internet sites, where there is no control of the browser. This authentication method may be a good choice for server-to-server communications in an intranet or extranet environment, where the servers are in the same domain, and it is not necessary to pass through firewalls.