Figure 2.3 Virtual directory creation via Internet Information Services. in .NET

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Figure 2.3 Virtual directory creation via Internet Information Services.
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Visual Studio .NET Project Creation
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Once the desired folder structure is created on your drive, the projects can be created. This can be done by starting Visual Studio .NET and creating a blank solution, as shown in Figure 2.4. When the blank solution is created, a file with an .sln extension and a file with an .sou extension are created in the solution folder. The .sln file contains:
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A list of the projects that are in this solution A list of project dependencies Visual SourceSafe information A list of Add-ins that will be available
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The .sou file is user specific and contains settings such as:
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The task list Debugger breakpoints and watch window settings Visual Studio .NET window locations
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Solutions, Projects, and the Visual Studio .NET IDE
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Note location Figure 2.4 Create a blank solution, paying close attention to where the solution will be created.
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After the solution is created, new projects can be added. The new project can be added by right-clicking the solution. When the Add New Project dialog box is displayed (see Figure 2.5), type in the location as http://localhost/Customer, since a virtual directory called Customer has already been created. Visual Studio .NET will create the Customer project files in the folder that has been created and shared.
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If you get an error stating that the Web access failed (see Figure 2.6), you may not have the proper permissions to create this Web project. You need to make sure that you are a member of the VS Developers group on your local machine.
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The same steps can be repeated to create the order project and the inventory project in the solution folder.
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Figure 2.5 Adding a new project to the current solution.
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Figure 2.6 Error when trying to open a new project.
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Adding the Solution to Visual SourceSafe
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After the solution and its projects are created, they can be placed under source control using Visual SourceSafe (VSS). This can be done in Visual Studio .NET by clicking File, Source Control, Add Solution to Source Control. A Source Control dialog box will be displayed, stating that if you add a file share Web access project to source control, you will no longer be able to access the project using Front Page Web access. Simply click Continue on this screen, because, by default, Front Page Server Extensions are not being used. When using Front Page Server Extensions, Visual SourceSafe is required to be located on the Web server. Although you may have created the Web project as http://localhost/Customer, Visual Studio .NET resolved this to an UNC path. You are currently accessing your projects via a file share called wwwroot$ that is located on your machine. Visual Studio will use a combination of direct file access and HTTP access to get to the files. The next screen prompts for the location of the solution. However, the folder structure has not been created in VSS yet, so you will be looking at nothing more than a root folder. To create the folder structure, type the name of the root development folder (C:\Development), and click the Create button. Type OrderEntrySystem, highlight the Development folder, and click the Create button. This is a good time to build the complete folder structure, as shown in Figure 2.7.
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Be sure to select the desired parent folder prior to clicking Create. If you make a mistake, such as adding the Inventory project to the Customer project, you can correct the mistake after you re done by running the Visual SourceSafe program from the Start menu.
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Now that you have the folder structure, remember that it s the solution that you wanted to store. Highlight the OrderEntrySolution, and click the OK button. There will be a prompt for each project location. Select the appropriate location, and click OK.
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Solutions, Projects, and the Visual Studio .NET IDE
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Figure 2.7 Creating the Visual SourceSafe folder structure.
You should not see a dialog box that asks you if you want to create a new project folder. If you do, look closely at the path that Visual SourceSafe wants to use. Make sure that the path matches one of the folder paths that you have already created.
When you finish selecting the locations of the solution and the projects, VSS will begin adding all of the files to source control. After the copying has completed, Visual Studio .NET will have locks beside the solution, each project, and each file. The lock is an indicator that the file is in Visual SourceSafe, and the file is in Visual SourceSafe s safe. When a file is locked into the safe, the local copy of the file s read-only attribute is set to true. Visual Studio has an automatic checkout feature that prompts you to check out a file if you start to edit it. If a file is opened by double-clicking it, the file will open in read-only mode. If you make an attempt to modify the file, Visual Studio .NET will display a Check Out for Edit dialog box. You can enter a comment and click the Check Out button to continue rather seamlessly. Notice that the Web form is now checked out. Figure 2.8 shows that styles.css is checked out, and the icon in the Solution Explorer has changed from a lock to a checkmark with an exclamation point, indicating that you have the file checked out of Visual SourceSafe. An attempt to check out a file that is already checked out will cause a message to be displayed stating that the file is already checked out by another user. Figure 2.8 shows how the icon for the Web.config file has changed to indicate that the file is not available.