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Figure 11.10 The font metrics.
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Working with GDI+ and Images
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Figure 11.11 The Web page in Design mode.
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The Page s Load event method is similar to the previous example, except that it also includes code to populate the DropDownList boxes.
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Private Sub Page_Load( _ ByVal sender As System.Object, _ ByVal e As System.EventArgs) _ Handles MyBase.Load If Not Request( ImageID ) Is Nothing Then If Not Session(Request( ImageID )) Is Nothing Then Dim b As Bitmap b = CType(Session(Request( ImageID )), Bitmap) Response.Clear() Response.ContentType = image/jpeg b.Save(Response.OutputStream, ImageFormat.Jpeg) Response.End() Return End If End If If Not Page.IsPostBack Then LoadColors(drpForeground) LoadColors(drpBackground) LoadFamily(drpFontFamily) LoadFontStyles(drpFontStyle) LoadFontSizes(drpFontSize) Set defaults. TextBox1.Text = Type some text into the text box. Dim i As ListItem i = drpForeground.Items.FindByText( Red ) drpForeground.SelectedIndex = drpForeground.Items.IndexOf(i) i = drpBackground.Items.FindByText( Silver ) drpBackground.SelectedIndex = drpBackground.Items.IndexOf(i) i = drpFontFamily.Items.FindByText( Arial ) drpFontFamily.SelectedIndex = drpFontFamily.Items.IndexOf(i) i = drpFontStyle.Items.FindByText( Bold )
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drpFontStyle.SelectedIndex = drpFontStyle.Items.IndexOf(i) i = drpFontSize.Items.FindByText( 24 ) drpFontSize.SelectedIndex = drpFontSize.Items.IndexOf(i) End If End Sub
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The first part of this code delivers the bitmap to the browser. The second part of the code populates the DropDownList boxes and then sets a default value for each of them. Setting the default value is done by executing the FindByText method, which returns a ListItem object containing the default item. After that, the IndexOf method executes to retrieve the index of the ListItem and assigns it to the SelectedIndex of the DropDownList.
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Enumerating the Colors
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To enumerate the list of colors, you can use the System.Enum class to execute the GetNames method. This procedure returns an array of strings, which you can use to populate the DropDownList:
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Public Sub LoadColors(ByVal ddl As DropDownList) Dim n As String For Each n In System.Enum.GetNames(GetType(KnownColor)) ddl.Items.Add(n) Next End Sub
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Enumerating the FontFamilies
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To enumerate the list of FontFamilies, you can create a temporary bitmap with the Graphics class. The FontFamily has a static method called GetFamilies, which requires a valid Graphics object. This method returns an array of the FontFamilies available when you are working with Bitmap objects. You enumerate the array and add the FontFamilies to the DropDownList as follows:
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Public Sub LoadFamily(ByVal ddl As DropDownList) Dim fFamily As FontFamily Dim b As New Bitmap(1, 1) Dim g As Graphics = Graphics.FromImage(b) Dim arFamily() As FontFamily = FontFamily.GetFamilies(g) For Each fFamily In arFamily ddl.Items.Add(fFamily.Name) Next End Sub
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Working with GDI+ and Images
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Enumerating the FontStyles
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Enumerating the FontStyles is similar to enumerating the colors as previously described. The System.Enum class can be used to get the names of the items in an enumeration.
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Public Sub LoadFontStyles(ByVal ddl As DropDownList) Dim n As String For Each n In System.Enum.GetNames(GetType(FontStyle)) ddl.Items.Add(n) Next End Sub
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Loading the Font Sizes
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You populate the font size DropDownList by adding the numbers 6 100 to the DropDownList, as follows:
Public Sub LoadFontSizes(ByVal ddl As DropDownList) Dim X As Integer For X = 6 To 100 ddl.Items.Add(X.ToString()) Next End Sub
Rendering the Text
Rendering the text involves parsing the data in the DropDownList boxes and then using a temporary bitmap to measure the size of the text, creating the final bitmap, based on the size of the text, and finally drawing the text on the bitmap.
Private Sub Page_PreRender( _ ByVal sender As Object, _ ByVal e As System.EventArgs) _ Handles MyBase.PreRender Initialize Dim imgBitmap As New Bitmap(1, 1) Dim fStyle As FontStyle fStyle = System.Enum.Parse(GetType(FontStyle), _ drpFontStyle.SelectedItem.Text) Dim fSize As Single fSize = Single.Parse(drpFontSize.SelectedItem.Text) Dim strFont As Font
strFont = New Font(drpFontFamily.SelectedItem.Text, fSize, fStyle) Dim str As String = TextBox1.Text Dim cBackground As Color cBackground = Color.FromName(drpBackground.SelectedItem.Text) Dim cForeground As Color cForeground = Color.FromName(drpForeground.SelectedItem.Text) Get the size of the text string. If str = Then str = No text defined. Dim g As Graphics = Graphics.FromImage(imgBitmap) Dim strSize As Size strSize = g.MeasureString(str, strFont).ToSize() Create the bitmap. imgBitmap = New Bitmap(strSize.Width, strSize.Height) g = Graphics.FromImage(imgBitmap) g.Clear(cBackground) g.DrawString(str, strFont, New SolidBrush(cForeground), 0, 0) Session( imgBitmap ) = imgBitmap img.ImageUrl = Request.ServerVariables( SCRIPT_NAME ) & _ ImageID=imgBitmap End Sub
This code places the drawn bitmap into the imgBitmap Session variable, which is available when the browser attempts to request the bitmap from this page. Figure 11.12 shows the browser output with settings changed.