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Network data
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Simulation data
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Harmonics Results presentation utilities
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Figure 11.1 A schematic representation of the program
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Network Display and Data Editing
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At start up, the user may either retrieve an existing pre-saved system or start a new system. Display Power always commences by drawing the one-line diagram then entering the edit mode to allow any necessary changes to be made. The components are selected from a menu and placed anywhere on the screen. Once in place, the components can be easily manipulated. Rubber banding, which is the stretching or contracting of line elements, allows components to be moved and the effect of the move seen before its acceptance. Components can also be rotated, translated and deleted provided no conflict occurs with other components. To allow for large systems, zooming and panning features are provided. The user is free to either include data concerning the components while drawing or at some later time. The busbar name is the only piece of data which is displayed along with the component. The name is treated like a component and can be moved, modified or deleted as necessary. The user can deliberately choose not to name busbars if necessary. The window displaying a component s parameters is popped up by clicking a mouse button when pointing to the component. Fig. 11.2 shows an example of a data
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Figure 11.2 Example of the screen display while in edit mode, showing data editing window
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editing window. Each type of component has its own data structure and this is reflected in the window layout. Despite being in the edit mode, the type of simulation to be performed can be specified (the default is load flow or the previous simulation). This allows the window layout to show only the relevant data. Windows can be paged if the amount of data necessary to fully specify a component is large. The data are readily modified using the keyboard. The load-flow slack busbar, the fault position or the harmonic injection point can also be specified in the edit mode.
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Once sufficient data have been entered, the program can be toggled to the simulation mode from which the load flow, faults and harmonics programs can be run. A data input file is created from the work sheet in a suitable form for the analysis program, thus ensuring the minimum changes to the FORTRAN program. On completion of a run the analysis program generates an output listing file and automatically updates the worksheet to reflect results where necessary. The system can be stored at any time and another system retrieved from the data base. In fact, several systems can be retrieved into work sheets and operated on although only one is visible at any time. Toggling between work sheets is rapid. This allows data developed in one system to be transferred easily to another system.
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The output stage of this package is very important because it is required to perform a large number of tasks in a user-friendly manner so that the results can be comprehended quickly. The results can be viewed in several different ways.
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A window can be opened to view the output listing directly on the screen. The output listing can be saved to be printed out later. Where relevant, a window can be opened and the results graphed. At present this is limited to harmonic locus diagrams, but it can be extended whenever necessary. On returning to the edit mode, relevant data will be seen to have been updated. These can be saved with the system data if necessary, for future use. Results such as overloaded circuits or voltage profiles may be displayed by drawing the components in different colours. For example, the voltage profile of the network can be indicated by giving the busbars different colours to show different per unit voltage levels. The user may choose to permanently display a quantity of user-defined variables on the screen.
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Harmonic studies demand more versatile result comprehension methods than load flow or faults because of the large amount of harmonic data associated with each component. Due to the large quantity of results produced by the harmonic penetration program, the results are stored in a file rather than in the database. Any information
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relevant to a specified component can be extracted from the file and displayed whenever necessary. The total harmonic voltage distortion and the equivalent disturbing voltage of the busbars and the respective current quantities for branch components are calculated and can be viewed. Also the spectrum of harmonic voltages at various points of the system and harmonic currents in branch components can be viewed in list form and graphical form. Graphs are plotted as continuous curves, since features like the rate of change and trend of change are more easily understood than from a discrete graph (such as a bar chart). The intermediate points are obtained by interpolating the harmonic results and approximate the value of the variable for noninteger harmonics. Polar plots are more useful than Cartesian co-ordinate plots for the interpretation of equivalent system harmonic impedance. Therefore an option is provided to view the impedances as a harmonic loci diagram, an example of which is given in Fig. 1 1.3. Comparison of two or more harmonic graphs associated with a component or several components is possible by opening several windows simultaneously. All the harmonic data associated with components can be stored in different files for later use. With this option, up to four graphs can be viewed simultaneously, by specifying a pre-stored data file for each channel.
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