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If you do not use the CaptureMouse() function to capture the mouse to a specific object, you run the risk of losing dragging if the mouse moves faster than the update does.
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Once the drag is started, the movement of the object is handled in the MouseMove handler named dragMouseMove(). The dragMouseMove()first checks to see if isMouseCaptured is set to true, meaning that a drag operation is underway. If a drag is currently underway, then the Image object is repositioned in the Canvas using the following code:
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Canvas.SetTop(img, moveY); Canvas.SetLeft(img, moveX);
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To stop the drag and drop of the image in the new location, the application uses the MouseLeftButtonUp handler named dragMouseLeftButtonUp(). Dragging is stopped by setting the isMouseCaptured to false and executing the ReleaseMouseCapture() function of the Image object. When the Silverlight application defined in Listings 8.10 and 8.11 is loaded, three Image objects are displayed on top of each other in the top-left corner of the Canvas. The images can be repositioned by dragging and dropping them using the mouse, as shown in Figure 8.6.
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Part III
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Programming Silverlight Applications
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FIGURE 8.6 Silverlight application that implements drag and drop to position three image files
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Keyboard events
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Keyboard events include a set of events that can be attached to most of the Silverlight control objects. The keyboard events are inherited from the UIElement class. Keyboard events capture interrupts from the keyboard that occur while the Silverlight control is in focus. For example, the KeyPressed event is used to detect that the user pressed a key. Implementing keyboard events can be critical in adding functionality to your Silverlight applications such as hot keys. Table 8.4 describes the different types of keyboard events that can be applied to a Silverlight control.
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Keyboard Events
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Event Event Handler Event Description
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Triggered when a keyboard key is pressed while the element is in focus. This event can bubble up when multiple handlers are registers for a sequence of elements. Triggered when a keyboard key is released while the element is in focus. This event can bubble up when multiple handlers are registers for a sequence of elements.
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Keyboard event handling may be different in different browsers. You should test applications that implement keyboard events in all browsers that you plan to support.
To illustrate an example of using keyboard events in a Silverlight application, Listings 8.12 and 8.13 create an application that implement a KeyDown and KeyUp event to display key text dynamically when a keyboard key is pressed by the user.
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Programming .NET Silverlight Applications
XAML File That Implements a TextBlock to Display Key Data Captured from a TextBox Control
<UserControl x:Class= proj0806.Page xmlns= xmlns:x= Width= 400 Height= 300 > <Grid x:Name= LayoutRoot Background= Black > <TextBlock x:Name= txt Foreground= Blue VerticalAlignment= Center HorizontalAlignment= Center /> <TextBox x:Name= txtBox Height= 30 Width= 30 VerticalAlignment= Bottom HorizontalAlignment= Center > </TextBox> </Grid> </UserControl>
C# Code-Behind File That Implements Code Capture Keyboard Input to a TextBox Control and Displays the Key in a TextBlock
using using using using System; System.Windows; System.Windows.Controls; System.Windows.Input;
namespace proj0806 { public partial class Page : UserControl { int txtSize = 10; public Page() { InitializeComponent(); //Implement Key Event Handlers txtBox.KeyDown += new KeyEventHandler(myCanvas_KeyDown); txtBox.KeyUp += new KeyEventHandler(txtBox_KeyUp);
Part III
Programming Silverlight Applications
LISTING 8.13 }
void myCanvas_KeyDown(object sender, KeyEventArgs e) { //Capture keyboard input from the KeyDown event txt.FontSize = txtSize; txt.Text = e.Key.ToString(); txtBox.Text = ; txtSize += 5; } void txtBox_KeyUp(object sender, KeyEventArgs e) { //Reset TextBlock txt.Text = ; txtSize = 10; } } }
The code in Listing 8.13 first attaches a KeyDown event handler named txtBox_KeyDown() and a KeyUp event handler named txtBox_KeyUp()to the txtBox TextBox control defined in Listing 8.12 using the following code:
txtBox.KeyDown += new KeyEventHandler(txtBox_KeyDown); txtBox.KeyUp += new KeyEventHandler(txtBox_KeyUp);
In the txtBox_KeyDown() event handler, the Text attribute of the txt TextBlock object defined in Listing 8.12 is set to the string value of the key that is pressed using the following code:
txt.Text = e.Key.ToString();
The KeyDown event continues to be triggered over and over again as long as the key is still pressed. The example shows this by incrementing the size of the text displayed. The longer you hold down the key, the bigger the text becomes. The Silverlight application defined in Listings 8.12 and 8.13 captures the key pressed by the user in the text box and displays the key in the Grid, as shown in Figure 8.7.