Part IV in .NET

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Part IV
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Understanding Silverlight Frameworks
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Page.xaml Code of the DataLinqApp
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<UserControl x:Class= DataLinqApp.Page xmlns:my= clr-namespace:System.Windows.Controls;assembly=System. Windows.Controls.Data xmlns= xmlns:x= Width= 600 Height= 300 > <Grid x:Name= LayoutRoot Background= White > <StackPanel Orientation= Horizontal > <TextBlock Text= Movie Title search for: FontSize= 18 Margin= 15,10,0,0 VerticalAlignment= Top /> <TextBox x:Name= titleSearch Width= 250 Height= 30 Margin= 5,10,0,0 VerticalAlignment= Top /> <Button x:Name= SearchBtn Content= Search Background= Blue FontWeight= Bold FontSize= 14 Width= 75 Height= 30 Margin= 20,10,0,0 VerticalAlignment= Top /> </StackPanel> <my:DataGrid x:Name= movieGrid RowBackground= LightBlue AlternatingRowBackground= Beige AutoGenerateColumns= True CanUserResizeColumns= True GridlinesVisibility= Horizontal HeadersVisibility= Column Width= 550 Height= 200 /> </Grid> </UserControl>
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Using the Silverlight Data Framework
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Page.cs Code of the DataLinqApp
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using using using using using using System; System.Collections.Generic; System.Linq; System.Windows; System.Windows.Controls; System.Windows.Input;
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namespace DataLinqApp { public partial class Page : UserControl { public Page() { InitializeComponent(); SearchBtn.Click += new RoutedEventHandler(doSearch); } void doSearch(object sender, RoutedEventArgs e) { ServiceReference1.Service1Client wService = new DataLinqApp.ServiceReference1.Service1Client(); wService.GetMoviesByTitleCompleted += new EventHandler<DataLinqApp.ServiceReference1. GetMoviesByTitleCompletedEventArgs>(getMoviesDone); wService.GetMoviesByTitleAsync(titleSearch.Text); } void getMoviesDone(object sender, DataLinqApp.ServiceReference1.GetMoviesByTitleCompletedEventArgs e) { movieGrid.ItemsSource = e.Result; } } }
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Part IV
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Understanding Silverlight Frameworks
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This chapter focused on implementing aspects of the Silverlight data framework to implement data from various sources in Silverlight applications. The XmlReader and XmlWriter classes provide a simple interface to read XML data into Silverlight applications and write XML data that can be sent to other services. The XmlSerializer class provides a simple interface to serialize an object in your Silverlight applications into XML and then later deserialize the XML back into an object. Implementing data binding makes it simple to update controls with value by binding data sources to target properties. Silverlight supports LINQ queries to SQL databases making it easier to provide queried data to your applications. In this chapter, you learned how to: n Write XML data using the XmlWriter class n Read XML data using the XmlReader class n Serialize an object into an XML file and store it in the local file system n Retrieve a serialized object from an XML file stored in the local file system n Implement one-way and two-way data binding to properties of Silverlight controls n Implement a DataGrid control using a list n Access an SQL database from a Silverlight application using a WCF service n Implement LINQ queries in Silverlight applications
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Appendix A
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Silverlight Resources
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Appendix B
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Silverlight Control Reference
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Silverlight Resources
he purpose of this appendix is to provide links to resources that may be helpful when learning and developing Silverlight applications. The list is not comprehensive, but we hope it provides a good place to start.
Silverlight community page. You will find the most current information about Silverlight as well as links to learning resources. This is the Web site to use to find out what files need to be downloaded to begin developing Silverlight applications.
Silverlight documentation on MSDN. You will find an overview of Silverlight, technical documentation on Silverlight, and articles on implementing some specific functionality such as Web media.
Microsoft s Silverlight home page. You will find helpful links to Silverlight development tools, communities, news, and other information.
Silverlight tutorials on the Silverlight project site. You should review these tutorials if you get a chance; they give you a quick perspective into Silverlight.
Silverlight hands-on labs on the Silverlight project site. You should also review the hands-on labs if you get a chance. They provide all of the code necessary to build Silverlight applications in a step-by-step method.
Part V
Scott Guthrie s blog. If you are looking for news on what is coming up with Silverlight, this is the place to look.
Jesse Liberty s blog. Jesse does most of the tutorials for Silverlight, and his blog is a great place to get answers to tough questions.
Tim Heuer s blog. Tim has posted some great videos that will help you quickly pick up on Silverlight development methods.