Part IV in .NET

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Part IV
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Understanding Silverlight Frameworks
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Silverlight 2 provides a communication framework that allows Silverlight applications to communicate with Web services and retrieve remote resources. The basic components of the Silverlight communication framework are the WebClient class, HTTP classes, and sockets. The Silverlight communication framework supports cross-domain access to Web services and resources through the use of network access policies. These policies must be implemented on the remote server or Silverlight applications will not be able to access Web services and resources. The WebClient interface is the simplest to implement and can be used to download remote resources. The HttpWebRequest and HttpWebResponse classes are more complex; however, they allow you to implement headers and implement more control of the request. The Socket library provides the tools necessary for Silverlight applications to interact with TCP based Web services. In this chapter, you learned how to: n Create a network access policy that grants rights to Web services and resources to crossdomain Silverlight applications n Implement a WebClient request that dynamically downloads a ZIP file, unpackages the contents, and uses it to update the UI n Use an HttpWebRequest object to access an RSS feed n Use the Syndication library to parse and access items in an RSS feed n Open a Socket client to a remote server n Send and receive data on a socket n Use an HttpWebRequest object to send a POST request to a remote Web service
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Using the Silverlight Data Framework
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ilverlight implements much of the .NET data framework to allow developers a means of delivering data content that can be modified and displayed from a rich UI. Silverlight provides several methods to implement data from a wide variety of sources such as XML files and SQL databases. Silverlight also provides interfaces to consume and display data from those sources. This chapter discusses how to use Silverlight XML libraries, data binding, DataGrid controls, and LINQ queries to access and implement data in your Silverlight applications.
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Reading and writing XML data Serializing objects into XML files Deserializing objects from XML files Implementing two-way data binding Implementing DataGrid controls in Silverlight applications Implementing LINQ queries in Silverlight applications Accessing SQL databases from Silverlight applications
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Using XmlReader and XmlWriter
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Silverlight provides a subset of the System.Xml .NET framework for reading and writing XML data. The ability to read and write XML data allows you to easily implement Silverlight applications that interface with services that send and receive data in XML form. The XmlReader class and the XmlWriter classes allow you to parse, edit, and write XML data in the memory of your Silverlight applications. These classes are part of the System.Xml library provided with Silverlight.
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Part IV
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Understanding Silverlight Frameworks
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Implementing XmlReader to parse XML data
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The XmlReader class is similar to the XmlDocument class provided with the .NET framework. It provides an interface to read and parse XML data. To implement XmlReader in your Silverlight applications, you need to create an instance of the XmlReader class that has access to the XML data. This is done by calling the XmlReader. Create() function and passing in the source of the XML data. The XmlReader.Create() function accepts the source of the XML data as the first argument and an XmlReaderSettings object as an optional second argument. The source of the XML data can be a Stream object type, TextReader object, or a string with the URI of an XML file. For example, the following code creates an XmlReader object that accesses XML data that is stored in a StringReader object:
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StringReader xmlString = new StringReader(XmlDataString); XmlReader reader = XmlReader.Create(xmlString);
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The XmlReaderSettings argument provides you with the ability to set specific settings when accessing the XML source location. Table 15.1 lists the properties that can be applied to XmlReaderSettings objects.
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