Part I: ActionScript 3.0 Language Basics in Java

Integrated ean13 in Java Part I: ActionScript 3.0 Language Basics
Part I: ActionScript 3.0 Language Basics
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//it gets warmer! it gets brighter! it gets brighter! trace(powerStrip.getPowerUse()); //1285 toaster.toast(new Bread()); //your bread gets toasty trace(powerStrip.getPowerUse()); //1385 powerStrip.turnOff(); //it gets cold. it gets darker. it gets darker.
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Note that although it does adhere to the IPowerable interface, the toaster variable still holds a Toaster reference, and it can still use methods speci c to Toaster like toast(). You don t lose anything by implementing the interface. A class can implement multiple interfaces, like the earlier tree example. To implement multiple interfaces, just separate the interface names with commas, so the tree example might look like this:
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public class Tree extends Plant implements IShelterProvider, IFoodProvider
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Interface names often end in -able since they describe an ability. However, sticking to this nomenclature can often end in awkward interface names, and I recommend that you drop it when it doesn t make sense.
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Interfaces can also extend other interfaces. For example, you might use this to create a category of objects that can be subscribed to as an event source in addition to the categorical ability. You can achieve this by extending the built-in IEventDispatcher interface. See more about event sources in Part IV, Event-Driven Programming. The use of interfaces is encouraged by object oriented designers because it keeps down dependencies between concrete classes. The more dependencies you create, the less opportunity you leave for yourself to change your program without impacting existing code, and the less maintainable your code becomes as the web of interdependencies becomes exponentially thicker. As I ve mentioned, interfaces allow you to address objects not in terms of what they are but in terms of the minimum you need them to do, and this can give you micro control of how you deal with objects. Because objects can implement many interfaces, they can be one thing to one class and another thing to another class, as necessity dictates. A principal rule of object oriented design is program to an interface, not an implementation. The usage of interface here does not necessarily mean interface; it can also mean a superclass or whatever is the most generic type that gives you the abilities you need at that time. Implementations change, but interfaces should not: we have laptops now that people wouldn t believe 10 years ago, but a time-traveler could take them back in time and demonstrate them perfectly, because the interface for drawing power has not changed, nor has the idea of typing on a keyboard and watching a display.
Manipulating Types
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The type system enables you to refer to an object by its own class, by any of its superclasses, by any interface it implements, or by a combination of these. All these potential types for an object are valid because, by being more speci c, it must implement a superset of all the more general types functionality. A Square is still a Rectangle because it is a speci c kind of Rectangle, and it is a Shape because it is a speci c kind of Shape. It might also be an IPointCollection if it can provide a set of points that comprise its vertices. The point is that these aren t conversions: the class really is all the things that it extends.
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4: Object Oriented Programming
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Because you can refer to a class by many names, you need ways to get between these types. You should be able to test at runtime if an object is an instance of a given class or implements a particular interface. You should be able to convert a speci c type to a general type, and you should be able to attempt to convert general types to speci c types. You should even be allowed to attempt to convert types to unrelated types.
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