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If you don t have a domain name and your work won t be hosted on one, you don t have to use the reverse domain name convention. The idea is simply to create something that is unique to you. You could use your full name, a made-up domain name that isn t likely to be used, or anything else likely to be unique.
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Packages serve to organize classes into related groups. In the example class com.example.shapes .Rectangle, I have created a package for shape classes. I anticipate having to write other shapes, like com.example.shapes.Circle, so this package will keep them grouped together. If I were to support both two- and three-dimensional shapes, I could further group these with an intermediary package, keeping com.example.shapes.twodimensional.Triangle and com.example.shapes.threedimensional.Cone separate. Exercise the same heuristics you might apply when organizing les in your hard drive into directories to section off your code into cohesive groups. Because packages serve to both guarantee uniqueness and provide organization, packages for both of these purposes are combined into a single package structure. As in the examples you ve read already, place the organizational packages inside the package path you used to guarantee uniqueness. So you would interpret com.example.shapes.twodimensional.Triangle as a triangle that s a two-dimensional shape (organization) from the domain (uniqueness).
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Part I: ActionScript 3.0 Language Basics
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This hierarchy is visible not just inside your code but on your le system. ActionScript classes must be located in nested folders whose names match the package they are contained in: com.example.shapes.Rectangle must be de ned in the le com/example/shapes/ in your source directory. In Flash Professional, the default source directory is the same directory that your FLA resides in, though you can add other directories to your classpath in File Publish Settings Flash ActionScript 3.0 Settings Source path. In Flash Builder and Flex Builder, the source directory can be set in your project s Properties ActionScript Build Path Main source folder.
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Controlling Visibility
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Packages in ActionScript 3.0 impact the visibility of the items they contain. The listing that follows might be found in the le com/example/shapes/
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package com.example.shapes { public class Rectangle { // define Rectangle here. } } class SecretClass { // define SecretClass here. }
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The rst line declares the package com.example.shapes. Notice how two classes are declared in this le: one inside the package block that matches the name of the le, and one outside the package block. In any le, a maximum of one class may be made accessible to the world outside that le. This class must be contained in a package block, and it must be declared public. It is rare to write code outside a package block, but this example illustrates the technique with the SecretClass. This technique may be used to simulate the effects of nested class de nitions, which are available in Java but not ActionScript. SecretClass will only be accessible to other code inside the le Often, the out-of-package classes are helper classes for the public class in the le that the outside world never needs to know about. Even so, most of the time your class les will have a package block containing a single public class.
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Runnable examples from this book place all their classes in a single le and use classes outside the package block. This is for ease of distribution and organization of example les and because the online code compiler requires it.
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For code inside the package block, like Rectangle, access modi ers public in this example can determine where the code is usable from. You ll learn all about access modi ers later in the chapter.
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Code Allowed in Packages
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By far the most common con guration of an ActionScript 3.0 le is one public class contained in a package block. The class is named the same as the le, and the le s path corresponds to its package. While the single-class-per- le setup accounts for a majority of situations, variables, functions, and namespace declarations can also be contained inside packages.
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