Getting the Closest Match in Java

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Getting the Closest Match
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Say you ve painstakingly localized your application for six locales. The user speci es a list of three locales or languages that he s comfortable with, in a preferred order. You need to determine which locale to actually use based on the languages you support and the languages the user wants to see. The LocaleID class can help you determine that. Call its static method determinePreferredLocales(), passing a Vector of the user s locales (in decreasing order of his preference), and a Vector of the localized locales, and it solves this for you, returning a Vector of the locale(s) you should use. For brevity s sake, in examples here, I m either going to use a speci c locale or the default one, rather than applying these locale- nding techniques.
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Formatting Numbers
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Format numbers and interpret numeric input in a locale-speci c way with a NumberFormatter instance. Simply instantiate one, passing the constructor your locale code (just a String; you won t really use the LocaleID object), and you can convert text to numbers and numbers to text using these methods (demonstrated in Example 41-2):
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formatNumber() Convert a Number into text in the object s locale. formatInt() Convert an int into text in the object s locale. formatUint() Convert a uint into text in the object s locale. parseNumber() Convert a String containing only a single number in the object s locale into a Number. parse() Convert a String containing a number in the object s locale, possibly along with non-number garbage, returning a NumberParseResult, which tells you the startIndex and endIndex of the number within the source string, as well as the value it found.
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Additionally, there are a number of properties you can set that control the format of a number in the locale. I won t go into depth on these, because the point of this class is to know how numbers look in the supported locales so that you don t have to.
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Localizing Numbers
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package { import com.actionscriptbible.Example; import flash.globalization.NumberFormatter; public class ch41ex2 extends Example {
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Part IX: Flash in Context
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public function ch41ex2() { var usa:NumberFormatter = new NumberFormatter("en-US"); var german:NumberFormatter = new NumberFormatter("de-DE"); var russian:NumberFormatter = new NumberFormatter("ru-RU"); var thai:NumberFormatter = new NumberFormatter("th-TH"); var tamil:NumberFormatter = new NumberFormatter("ta-IN"); var all:Vector.<NumberFormatter> = new <NumberFormatter>[usa, german, russian, thai, tamil]; var n:Number = usa.parseNumber(" 5,619.02"); for each (var formatter:NumberFormatter in all) { trace(formatter.requestedLocaleIDName,"\t",formatter.formatNumber(n)); } } } }
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This example parses in a number, comma separator and all, the way it s written it in the States. (parseFloat() would choke on the comma, natch.) Then it spits it out in a variety of interesting locales. For example, in Germany, the separators are ipped and it s written 5.619,02, and in Russia, it s written 5 619,02. Tamil and Thai use non-Roman digits, but I won t force my poor editors to reproduce them here.
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Formatting Dates
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Dates and times can also be automatically converted by locale. As you found out in 7, Numbers, Math, and Dates, dates can be pretty tricky, so the DateTimeFormatter is a godsend. Like other formatter classes, create a new DateTimeFormatter by passing in a locale code to the constructor. In addition, you tell the formatter how tersely it should represent the date and time. The options are constants of DateTimeStyle: NONE, SHORT, MEDIUM, LONG, and CUSTOM. Either pass these to the constructor:
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//Short date, no time, aussie style var australian:DateTimeFormatter = new DateTimeFormatter("en-AU", DateTimeStyle.SHORT, DateTimeStyle.NONE); trace(australian.format(new Date(1981, 4, 12))); //12/05/1981
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or set them with setDateTimeStyles(). You can retrieve them at any time using the analogous getDateStyle() and getTimeStyle() methods.
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//Long date, no time, austria style var austrian:DateTimeFormatter = new DateTimeFormatter("de-AT"); austrian.setDateTimeStyles(DateTimeStyle.LONG, DateTimeStyle.NONE); trace(austrian.format(new Date(1981, 4, 12))); //Dienstag, 12. Mai 1981