Using the Graphics Class in Java

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Using the Graphics Class
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package { import flash.display.Shape; import flash.display.Sprite; public class ch35ex1 extends Sprite { public function ch35ex1() { var s:Shape = new Shape();, 0xff0000);;, 0, 30);; s.x = stage.stageWidth / 2; s.y = stage.stageHeight / 2; addChild(s); } } }
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Notice that all the drawing API methods are called on the Graphics instance that belongs to the Shape. Alternatively, because the example class extends Sprite, you can use the graphics property to draw directly inside the example class ch35ex1, without need for a child Shape.
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I contrast vector drawing with bitmap drawing in this part of the book, but sometimes there is overlap. You can use bitmap data to ll in vector drawings, and you can use the drawing API in Flash Player 10 to output texture-mapped triangles, where the texture maps are bitmaps. So to clarify, the drawing API, the topic of this chapter, includes methods that affect a Graphics object. Bitmap drawing includes any methods that affect a BitmapData object. I ll use BitmapData in some parts of this chapter, but I ll save the in-depth coverage for 36, Programming Bitmap Graphics. Website upc - 13 development on .net
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The drawing API is implemented as a state machine. The drawing functions that you call describe a series of steps that the drawing API follows sequentially. Every drawing function you call changes the state of the drawing API. It s a lot like giving orders: the drawing API carries out the commands it s
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35: Programming Vector Graphics
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given in the order you give them. Just try reading Example 35-1 shown earlier, and imagine you re talking to someone who has a pen. First, set the pen color to red. Then start coloring things in yellow. Draw a circle of radius 30, and nish up. As you see more complex examples, you realize that the order of drawing commands is vitally important.
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If you re around my age, you no doubt used a simplistic programming language called Logo to move a little turtle around the screen, telling it to RIGHT 90 and FORWARD 100 and RIGHT 90 and FORWARD 100. If you know what I m talking about, congratulations: you re old. Also, you know what a state machine is. If you ve ever programmed in OpenGL, that s a state machine, too. Think of the Flash Player drawing API as OpenGL s dull third cousin.
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I ll start by covering the most atomic drawing operations: moving the pen, drawing line segments, drawing curve segments, and lling them in. Then I ll cover styles how the lines and lls look. After that I ll discuss primitives that you can draw with one call, like Example 35-1. Flash Player 10 and later let you codify a bunch of drawing commands in objects, throw them into a Vector, and pass the whole package to a Graphics object, rather than writing each command as ActionScript code. This lets you do some interesting metaprogramming: although you can t have your program change its own code, you can certainly have it change a list of drawing commands. The bulk of this chapter focuses on the procedural style of using the drawing API; once you re well grounded in the API, I ll cover the command equivalents of the functions you learned, and then you ll see how to batch them and execute them. It s quite easy to bridge these two ways of using the API. Armed with this overview, you can now start drawing vector graphics with the Flash Player drawing API.
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Drawing Basics
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You can think of the Graphics object as a robot holding a pen. The robot is pretty dumb; you have to tell it every little thing it should do. Pretend you re just learning how to use your robot. Test it and see if it works. Maybe you can have it move the pen around.
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