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Supported ID3Info shortcuts are album, artist, comment, genre, songName, track, and year. Find a full listing of all ID3 tags in the specs on
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31: Playing and Generating Sound
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Accessing ID3 Tags
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package { import flash.display.Sprite; import; import*; import; import flash.text.*; public class ch31ex4 extends Sprite { protected var sound:Sound; protected var channel:SoundChannel; protected var songInfoTF:TextField; public function ch31ex4() { createChildren(); var songurl:String = ""; sound = new Sound(new URLRequest(songurl), new SoundLoaderContext(1000, true)); sound.addEventListener(Event.ID3, onMetadata); channel =; } protected function createChildren():void { var txtFormat:TextFormat = new TextFormat("_typewriter", 14, 0); songInfoTF = new TextField(); songInfoTF.defaultTextFormat = txtFormat; songInfoTF.autoSize = TextFieldAutoSize.LEFT; addChild(songInfoTF); } protected function onMetadata(event:Event):void { songInfoTF.text = "NOW PLAYING:\n" + sound.id3.songName + "\n" + "from " + sound.id3.album + "\n" + "by " + sound.id3.artist; } } }
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As an exercise, you might try adding the ID3 info from Example 31-4 to the audio player in Example 31-3.
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Sampling Audio
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Starting in this section, I ll dig into the more dynamic ways you can use sound in ActionScript. Playing audio is all good and well, but with some new improvements in Flash Player 9 and 10, the possibilities really open up. First, let s do some audio visualization.
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Part VII: Sound and Video
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The SoundMixer class mixes all the sounds Flash Player is playing into a single audio stream it sends to your speakers. You can query it for a snapshot or an analysis of the mixed-down audio it s currently playing. When you call the static method SoundMixer.computeSpectrum(), Flash Player samples the audio output at that moment, putting it in a ByteArray. Let s take a look at the method s signature:
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function computeSpectrum(outputArray:ByteArray, FFTMode:Boolean = false, stretchFactor:int = 0):void
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The rst thing to note is the required ByteArray argument and void return type. To keep this method fast and ef cient, it doesn t allocate a new ByteArray and return it every time you call it. Rather, you pass in an existing ByteArray and the method lls it up. You should reuse this ByteArray instance between calls to computeSpectrum() to avoid thrashing memory. The outputArray tightly packs 512 Numbers (that s 2KB or 2,048 bytes at 8 bytes per Number). Use readFloat() to get the Numbers out of the ByteArray, as you learned about in 13, Binary Data and Byte Arrays. The data it returns can represent two kinds of data, as described in the next paragraph, but it is always stored as 512 values between 1.0 and 1.0, the rst 256 of which represent values in the left channel and the second 256 values from the right channel.
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When you sample audio, Flash Player not only mixes down all sounds playing in your application, but it may include sound produced by other Flash Player instances running, for example if you have two browser windows open, each playing its own audio. Furthermore, when you request audio samples, every sound being played must be able to provide sample data. This means every sound needs to be accessible in the active security context. You can play sounds from any networked location, but to get low-level access including ID3 data and samples, a cross-domain le needs to approve the accessing domain. Because there are no guarantees that the user isn t playing a sound in another Flash Player instance that you don t have access to, when you sample audio there s a real chance it may fail through no fault of yours. Take care to catch these errors.
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The computeSpectrum() method can give you the sample s waveform or its frequency spectrum, depending on the FFTMode parameter. By default (when FFTMode is false), the method samples the audio and gives you a waveform: the wave being output to your speakers by Flash Player during the sample time. For waveforms, the x-axis or index in the array represents time, and the y-axis or value at each index represents amplitude. For example, a low humming would be visible as a long sine wave. The distance between the peaks of the waves is the tone s frequency, and the height of those waves is its amplitude. When you pass true as the FFTMode, Flash Player passes the waveform through a Fourier transform. (The FFT in FFTMode stands for Fast Fourier Transform.) This transform calculates the frequencies that contribute to the overall sound. So when you use FFTMode, instead of a waveform, you get a frequency distribution. The x-axis or index in the array represents different frequencies, from low to high, and the y-axis or value at each index represents the contribution of that frequency during the duration of the sample. For example, if you watch a frequency spectrum as a song while a well-de ned drumbeat plays, you see repeated peaks shoot up near the low end of the graph in time with the drums. The x-position of the peak is the mean frequency of the drum. Both of these kinds of audio samples use a slice of time. You can also control how wide of a slice is used by setting the sample length. This is done implicitly with the stretchFactor parameter.
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