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Storing and Retrieving a Serializable Class in a SharedObject
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package { import com.actionscriptbible.Example; import; import; public class ch29ex3 extends Example { protected var currentPage:int; protected var so:SharedObject; public function ch29ex3() { registerClassAlias("Bookmark", Bookmark); so = SharedObject.getLocal("storage"); if ( { //go to the stored bookmark var b:Bookmark = Bookmark(; trace("found", b); gotoPage(; //read the next page and bookmark it trace("advancing a page..."); gotoPage(currentPage + 1); setBookmark(); } else { //start at the first page if there s no bookmark
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29: Storing and Sending Data with SharedObject
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gotoPage(1); setBookmark(); } } public function setBookmark():void { var b:Bookmark = new Bookmark(); = currentPage; = b; trace("setting",; } public function gotoPage(page:int):void { trace("going to page", page); currentPage = page; } } } class Bookmark { public var page:int; public function Bookmark() { } public function toString():String { return "[Bookmark at page " + page + "]"; } } Web ean13+5 printer in .net
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To make sure there are no name collisions, it s customary to use the fully quali ed class name as the alias name in registerClassAlias(). Another common trick to ensure that class aliases are registered before any code requiring them is run. To do this, set the result of your registerClassAlias() call to a static constant. This way, the function is run even before the constructor:
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package { public class ch29ex3 { protected static const ALIAS:* = registerClassAlias("Bookmark", Bookmark); //...
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The value ALIAS is never used; its purpose is simply to force registerClassAlias() to run. In fact, the function returns void; there is, in fact, no result to speak of.
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Creating Self-Serializing Classes
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You can get around the public variable restriction by using AMF3 and implementing the interface flash.utils.IExternalizable in your custom classes. By implementing this interface, you de ne how your class is turned into bytes and how it restores itself from bytes. In other words, if you elect to gure out how to do the serialization and deserialization of your class, Flash Player simply relies on the encoding methods you provide.
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Part VI: External Data
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The IExternalizable interface includes two functions that you must implement:
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function readExternal(input:IDataInput):void function writeExternal(output:IDataOutput):void
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These methods, when implemented, deserialize your class from, and serialize your class to, binary data. The IDataInput and IDataOutput interfaces are implemented by ByteArray; see 13, Binary Data and ByteArrays for more information on how to use these interfaces. Internally, you can take advantage of AMF3 by using the readObject() and writeObject() properties of IDataInput and IDataOutput, which perform AMF3 serialization and deserialization on Objects. For instance, you might simply construct an Object of your nonpublic properties and use AMF3 to serialize that Object for you. This way, you don t have to worry exactly how your instance collapses into bytes; you can control the serialization at a higher level and use AMF encoding to do the grunt work. Note that when you re implementing IExternalizable, you re provided with IDataInput and IDataOutput instances as arguments; you can use any method that these interfaces provide to help you serialize and deserialize your data. The revised Bookmark class shown in Example 29-4 shows this approach in action. Note that you can protect your properties this way, which is important to maintain encapsulation.
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Making a Class Serializable Manually
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package { import com.actionscriptbible.Example; import; import; public class ch29ex4 extends Example { protected static const RED:uint = 0xff0000; protected var currentPage:int; protected var so:SharedObject; public function ch29ex4() { registerClassAlias("Bookmark", Bookmark); so = SharedObject.getLocal("storage"); if ( { trace("Found bookmark..."); trace(; } else { = new Bookmark(345, RED, "b"); trace("Saving bookmark..."); } } } } import flash.utils.IDataOutput; import flash.utils.IDataInput; import flash.utils.IExternalizable; class Bookmark implements IExternalizable { protected var page:int; protected var color:uint;
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29: Storing and Sending Data with SharedObject
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protected var name:String; public function Bookmark(page:int = 0, color:uint = 0, name:String = null) { = page; this.color = color; = name; } public function getPage():int { return; } public function readExternal(input:IDataInput):void { var props:Object = input.readObject(); page =; color = props.color; name =; } public function writeExternal(output:IDataOutput):void { var props:Object = {page: page, color: color, name: name}; output.writeObject(props); } public function toString():String { return "[Bookmark at page " + page + " color: 0x" + color.toString(16) + " name: " + name + "]"; } }
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The most important aspects of this example are that the Bookmark class hides its properties and provides a public interface as good object oriented design dictates, and it performs the custom serialization simply. More complex objects that contain non-base-types or deep data structures require you to put a bit more thought into your serialization and deserialization methods. By implementing IExternalizable and providing your own serialization and deserialization methods, you can store and retrieve custom classes that contain complex types without breaking encapsulation.