Part VI: External Data in Java

Deploy GS1 - 13 in Java Part VI: External Data
Part VI: External Data
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This isn t the same LoaderInfo object that provides information about an image le you load dynamically. The typical application of this loaderInfo property is to nd out meta-information about the currently running SWF le, often the parameters it has been passed either through FlashVars or in a query string. (See more about passing parameters to SWF les in 42, Deploying Flash on the Web. ) You can also use it to nd out the version of Flash Player the SWF was published for, the original published dimensions and frame rate, and so on.
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Loader objects, as subclasses of DisplayObjects, must also have this loaderInfo property.
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However, this property does not contain information relating to the le they re loading. It is the same
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loaderInfo property just described.
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For information about the content being loaded, Loaders expose a separate property that is also a LoaderInfo object: contentLoaderInfo. Because it s also an instance of the LoaderInfo object, you can get all the same kind of information about images being loaded and any running SWF. This distinction isn t always obvious, and it s easy to forget about, so it s a common stumbling block. Just remember that for a Loader, you are always interested in its content. You ll see the term content applied to mean that which a Loader loads throughout the Loader API.
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Loading Events
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Another common problem is that of subscribing to load events. Naturally, you ll want to be noti ed by a Loader when it is done loading an image, when the loading fails to complete, and so on. You might do this by subscribing to events on the Loader. It does inherit from EventDispatcher, after all. But all the interesting events you want to listen for are actually dispatched by the associated LoaderInfo object, not the Loader itself! This can become a bit of a nasty slip-up as well, especially because there is no compile-time or run-time check for event subscriptions. It s perfectly legal to subscribe to events that will never be broadcast. So the outcome of subscribing to load events on the Loader instance isn t an error, but merely a confusing absence of events. Remember to subscribe to load events broadcast by the contentLoaderInfo property of a Loader, not by the Loader itself. Now that you know how to use contentLoaderInfo, you can look at some of the various properties and events of a LoaderInfo object to see what kind of loading information you can use.
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The LoaderInfo Class
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First I ll cover some of the interesting properties of LoaderInfo. Because this class provides information about a SWF or image that it can t change, all the properties are read-only. These properties can refer to either an image or a SWF that s being loaded, or a currently running SWF.
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width, height Store, as ints, the dimensions of the image or published size of the SWF. bytesLoaded, bytesTotal Return the number of bytes in the le and how many have been thus far loaded. Note that too early in the load process, before Flash Player has received a size for the le, bytesTotal can return 0 even though the le is actually large, so be careful when using this for calculations. contentType The MIME type of the image le being loaded. May be null before enough
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is loaded to determine.
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frameRate For a SWF, the frame rate it was published at. parameters For a SWF, stores, as an Object with named properties, the FlashVars and URL parameters passed in by the browser.
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27: Networking Basics and Flash Player Security
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There are some properties that are useful speci cally when loading a SWF from the internet. I ll cover these in the section Loading external SWFs. These events allow you to track the progress of the Loader s load process:
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Event.COMPLETE Signi es that the load completed successfully. IOErrorEvent.IO_ERROR Signi es that some networking error occurred. The load oper-
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