26: Making Your Application Fault-Tolerant in Java

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26: Making Your Application Fault-Tolerant
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} catch (error:TypeError) { Console.log("displayText(): Display child at position 0 \ is not a TextField!"); } }
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All the preceding logging methods require you to write slightly different code, so in place of Console.log() you might see trace() or Log.getLogger().log() or something entirely different. The concept is always the same, however: get a message out of the program without notifying the user. Along with a message, it is typical to log the severity of the error. The canonical error severities are:
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info Not an error, just information. You should remove most of these before deploying
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your program for general use.
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warn A warning. Something is atypical and might cause an error later, or an easily recover-
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able error was handled.
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error Some kind of error. Should be recoverable. fatal An error that can t be recovered from. The program must terminate.
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A severity is sent along with a logging message in some way similar to this:
Log.getLogger("com.actionscriptbible.Shell").fatal("Can t load main SWF!");
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ActionScript 3.0 doesn t specify how logging should work or the syntax for logging errors. However, if you are using Flex, it has a good logging framework that you should employ. The preceding example shows the syntax used in the Flex framework logging system. The class name com.actionscriptbible.Shell is used here as a logging category to help you identify where the error came from. Whichever way you choose to log errors, having a record of those errors will bene t you.
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Messaging the User
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An important component of handling errors both ones that can be recovered from and especially fatal ones is messaging the user. In some cases this can be implied, such as using a broken image icon. In other cases you can reuse a general error dialog, like the one shown in Figure 26-3, to communicate explicitly.
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A reusable message dialog box
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If you are doing something that might take a while, you should de nitely warn the user. For example, if a server call fails to return, you could wait a moment and try it again. If this is going to take more than a second or two, it might be good to let the user know that there is some network trouble.
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Part V: Error Handling
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If the server fails outright when the user requests some action, the expectation that the request was ful lled is not just your program s but the user s as well. You should let the user know if a request she initiated was not completed normally. For example, if she clicks the Save button but the server can t save the le, you should be a pal and tell her that her document wasn t actually saved. Otherwise, she might close your program, lose her changes, and will probably be very unhappy when she nds out much later what happened, ling a complaint with the Ministry of Flash. They will then nd out you read this book and undoubtedly forward the complaint to me, and I will be very, very, disappointed with you. Of course, you want to limit the feedback you give users. We all know how irritating it can be to be assaulted with dozens of con rmation dialog boxes that you don t care about. If the user doesn t need to know that you recovered from an error successfully, just log it. Remember, I get those complaints, and I read every one. In the case of a completely fatal error, the best thing you can do is inform the user and, depending on who the audience is, consider providing an explanation. We ve all had the experience of staring at a stalled, or blank, or messed-up screen, wondering if we should just keep waiting or give up and reboot. Not knowing makes the experience even more harrowing. Although you should do everything in your power to avoid the situation in the rst place, making a complete failure into an elegant, apologetic event can parlay a user s frustration into some measure of appreciation.
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