Part IV: Event-Driven Programming in Java

Add UPC - 13 in Java Part IV: Event-Driven Programming
Part IV: Event-Driven Programming
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When you attempt to use an Accelerometer instance, the device may prompt the user for permission, or use her saved privacy settings, before giving you access. You ll know you ve been denied when Accelerometer.isMuted is true. However, if all goes well, now you should be receiving AccelerometerEvents. If you wish, you can tweak the frequency of this data by using the static method Accelerometer.setRequestedUpdateInterval(). Each event object contains a vector representing measured acceleration, as three components: accelerationX, accelerationY, and accelerationZ. These are measured in Gs and are relative to the phone when you hold it in front of you with the screen facing you (and the y-axis is up, unlike the screen space where positive y is down). In this orientation, if you hold the phone still, accelerationY should be 1, because gravity is pulling down on the phone at the rate of 1G. If you drop your phone, it s in freefall, and the acceleration vector is <0, 0, 0> until it spikes up very high and you curse very loudly. With these three values and some vector math, you can control orientations in 3D. You can isolate a single value and look for a pattern such as a shake. If you re going to do any direct mapping of accelerometer input, you will bene t from some data smoothing algorithms such as low-pass ltering.
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Other Sensors
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The flash.sensors package may become the home to more sensors in future versions of the Flash Player API. There is already one more that, although it s not currently accessible to Flash Player, can be used in AIR 2.0 and in native-compiled iPhone apps and may open up to Flash Player in the future. The Geolocation sensor class provides access to location services on a device, such as a GPS. It works in much the same way as Accelerometer: create a new Geolocation instance and subscribe to its GeolocationEvent.UPDATE event. The GeolocationEvent object contains all you need to know about the host device s location, between latitude, longitude, altitude, heading, and speed.
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Multitouch screens and sensors can enable an application to be more intelligent and react to the user in a more meaningful or natural way. Flash Player 10.1 and later have access to a wide array of devices: keyboard, mouse, touchscreen, camera, microphone, and accelerometer. For backward compatibility, you may want to test for existence of FP10.1-only classes, catching
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ReferenceErrors and falling back if they arise.
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Multitouch capabilities depend not only on hardware, but on the host OS and drivers. Research the capabilities of a multitouch interface with the flash.ui.Multitouch class. You can use multitouch in Flash Player in one of three mutually exclusive modes, set with
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Multitouch.inputMode to a constant of MultitouchInputMode.
In touch mode, you get all nger tracking events with TouchEvent. It s more exible, and you can de ne your own behavior.
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23: Multitouch and Accelerometer Input
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In gesture mode, the OS interprets sets of touches into common gestures. You get the bene t of a common vocabulary at the expense of customization. Gestures are broadcast as instances of GestureEvent and its subclasses. Accelerometer support gives you access to the orientation and motion of the device in three dimensions, when the appropriate sensor is present. Create an Accelerometer instance and subscribe to its AccelerometerEvent.UPDATE event to get accelerometer data, an event object with the vector encoded in accelerationX, accelerationY, and accelerationZ properties.
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Part V
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Error Handling
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24 Errors and Exceptions 25 Using the AVM2 Debugger and Pro ler 26 Making Your Application Fault-Tolerant Web Pages Crystal code128 writer with c#
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Errors and Exceptions
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espite our best intentions and wishes, programs sometimes fail. In 5, Validating Your Program, you learned about ways the compiler can catch your typos and invalid requests: syntax errors and type mismatches. These are kinds of compile-time errors. But there are countless kinds of errors that can happen while your program is running, and these may be the result of a logical error in your code or just the result of unexpected circumstances out of your control. Whichever is the case, ActionScript 3.0 gives you the opportunity to handle these errors at runtime. This chapter provides the tools for you to understand runtime errors and keep them from affecting the end user.
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