Aside: Threads in Java

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Aside: Threads
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One thing that s sorely missing from ActionScript 3.0 is the ability to execute code asynchronously. Flash Player executes all ActionScript code associated with a frame sequentially before drawing the next frame. This means that operations that take a long time can appear to hang your program, because the heavy workload prevents user interaction from being processed or new frames from being drawn. You ll see this fairly frequently during initialization of a site. In many cases an entire site is built and initialized after the rst frame renders, leading to a slowdown during initialization. You can use timers and enterframe events, however, to fake asynchronous code execution, or threads. If you can break your code down into units that can execute sequentially, a thread manager can execute your task bit by bit, while preventing overall slowdown. It can do this by measuring time that actually elapses between frames with getTimer() and comparing it to the target frame rate of the SWF. By executing fewer chunks of an overall task, the thread manager can reduce time spent on any given frame, keeping things smooth. It should be noted that what s described are not real threads, but merely an ActionScript-based runtime simulation of threading. Sometimes this is referred to as green threading. One implementation
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22: Timers and Time-Driven Programming
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is the Spark Project s thread library, Soumen ( Additionally, Drew Cummins wrote up a framework and includes demos and source (
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The Timer class is an object oriented way to manage timed actions in ActionScript 3.0.
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Timers are useful for a number of things including delaying a function, repeating a function, and synchronizing several functions. Timers have a delay time and a repeat count. Setting the repeat count to zero causes them to continue ring inde nitely. Timers re the events TimerEvent.TIMER and TimerEvent.TIMER_COMPLETE. Event.ENTER_FRAME is dispatched by display objects on the display list before each frame is rendered. This event can be used for animation.
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The getTimer() function retrieves the time in milliseconds since the application started up and is useful for accurate time measurements.
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Multitouch and Accelerometer Input
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ue to the efforts of the Open Screen Project (http://openscreen, Flash Player is appearing on a growing number of
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smartphones. Simultaneously, consumers, desktop and laptop manufacturers, and makers of desktop operating systems are embracing touchscreens. The net effect is that Flash Player has access to a wider array of input than ever before. The user is no longer limited to a keyboard and mouse. In fact, she may not even have a keyboard or mouse installed, although chances are in that case that a software keyboard is provided and touch input can be interpreted as mouse input. In this chapter you ll learn how to deal with not just touch-based input, but information from various sensors Flash Player may have access to, including accelerometers, and geolocation sensors such as GPS. I ll mention it, but I won t go into depth on geolocation because it s currently available only to AIR or native apps. Between the keyboard and mouse ( 21, Interactivity with the Mouse and Keyboard ), the camera and microphone ( 33, Capturing Sound and Video ), and touch and accelerometer (this chapter), modern hardware has a surprisingly extensive repertoire of interaction modes.
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flash.ui.Multitouch .GestureEvent flash.sensors .Accelerometer .AccelerometerEvent
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Planning for Your Audience
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Consider three platforms you can nd Flash Player on: a phone with a 320 480 pixel touch display and keyboard; a 720 1280 pixel TV with no mouse or touch, only a remote; and a desktop PC with a 2560 2048 pixel display, mouse, and keyboard. The users of these different platforms can t be expected to interact with them in the same way. When you re writing an ActionScript program, then, you must consider your audience and plan appropriately. This doesn t mean that you have to redo your application for every possible combination of hardware. You can limit yourself to a speci c audience. You can develop a game speci cally for a multitouch capable small-screen device; it won t work right on a desktop with a mouse, and that s ne. It shouldn t.
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