A simple layout, exploded out to show which object the pointer falls over in Java

Integrate EAN-13 Supplement 2 in Java A simple layout, exploded out to show which object the pointer falls over
A simple layout, exploded out to show which object the pointer falls over
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If you have a display object with a big hole in it, and the hole is truly empty (and not simply lled with a transparent or nearly transparent ll), your mouse and keyboard events can fall through this gap. This works great for vector shapes but not bitmaps, because blank areas of bitmaps are de ned by transparent lls, which still catch the events. Likewise, objects that don t react to the type of input you re giving them are passed through on Flash Player s quest from your mouse cursor to the target. Even if you create a big fat Shape that blocks out everything else and sits on top, because it is impervious to interactivity, clicks and other mouse events pass through it as if it didn t even exist. Keyboard input, on the other hand, uses Flash Player s focus system to determine the target of the events. The object currently in focus dispatches keyboard events, regardless of mouse position. Although mouse and keyboard events determine their targets differently, once they re dispatched, both bubble.
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21: Interactivity with the Mouse and Keyboard
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Bubbling and Nested Clips
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Almost all keyboard and mouse events bubble. (The exceptions are mouse rollover and rollout.) Once the event is triggered on the target object, it travels up the display list from the target object, to its container, and so on, until it hits the stage. This gives you multiple opportunities to react to user input. If you interpret the input event once and determine that parents of the currentTarget display object shouldn t hear about this event, you can call stopPropagation() on the event. The nesting of display objects can affect how input events ow through the display list. In Figure 21-2, for example, the user has clicked on the Pizza button. Because the mouse cursor is over the TextField used to display the text pizza, that TextField is the target of the event. If you are subscribed to its parent, the pizzaButton display object, you ll receive the event as well, but only during the bubble phase. Likewise, the window object will receive the event, but not the background object, because it s a sibling of pizzaButton, even though it s directly underneath pizzaButton.
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Input event bubbling
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Stage window background tacoButton background textfield pizzaButton background textfield Click! pizza tacos
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You can use four properties of InteractiveObject to effect tighter control on keyboard and mouse events, especially when display objects are nested:
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mouseEnabled, keyboardEnabled Determine whether mouse or keyboard events can be triggered on the object. mouseChildren, keyboardChildren Determine whether children of the object can receive mouse or keyboard events. If set to false, the object becomes opaque to mouse or keyboard events.
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All these properties default to true. By changing them, you can impact how Flash Player determines the target of a mouse or keyboard input event. By setting mouseEnabled to false on a display object, you render it invisible to mouse events so that Flash Player passes through it when searching for the target of a mouse event. By setting mouseChildren to false on a display object, you atten it both the display object and its children are considered one potential target. Set both to true and the display object and its contents become completely non-reactive, ghosts to mouse input. This is particularly useful if you have display-list-based visual effects in the extreme foreground, or if you create a custom cursor, as in Example 21-8 later in the chapter.
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Part IV: Event-Driven Programming
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In Figure 21-3, I compare clicks inside the Pizza button s TextField when all objects mouseChildren properties are set to true, when pizzaButton s mouseChildren property is set to false, and when window s mouseChildren property is set to false. In all cases, a click is made over the same place. The click is considered to have occurred on the innermost reachable object, which changes due to the attening effect of mouseChildren.
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