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Users must have a print driver installed to print from Flash or any other application. If they don t have a printer, they can still install a print driver to print to a le, such as the open source PDFCreator for Windows (
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Determining the Print Target and its Formatting Options
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So far you ve only seen how to start and view the properties of a print job. To put content in that print job, you need to become familiar with the addPage() method. The addPage() method uses the following syntax, where printJob represents a PrintJob instance:
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printJob.addPage(target, printArea, printOptions, frame);
The parameters are as follows:
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target The Sprite that you want to print. printArea A Rectangle instance whose properties determine the margins of the printable target. This parameter is optional; if it is omitted, the entire area of the target sprite is printed.
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The print area s coordinates are represented in the local coordinate system of the target sprite you are printing.
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printOptions A PrintJobOptions instance that determines how the target s contents
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are sent to the printer. By default, all contents are sent as vector artwork. However, if you specify a PrintJobOptions value, you can control whether or not the page is printed as a bitmap. The PrintJobOptions constructor accepts a Boolean parameter. If the property is set
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Part III: The Display List
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to true, the artwork is rendered as a bitmap and then sent to the printer. If the property is set to false, the artwork is rendered in vectors and then sent to the printer. See the sections Printing targets as vectors and Printing targets as bitmaps for more information.
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frame The frame number of the target movie clip to print. (Because MovieClip is a subclass of Sprite, you can specify a MovieClip instance as the target parameter.) If you
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want to print a speci c frame of the target, you can use this optional parameter. If you omit this parameter, the current frame of the target is printed. Note that any ActionScript code on the speci ed frame will not be executed. As such, this is more useful for printing static content. In most cases, you will customize the print contents in a live display list and then print as-is. You apply these parameters in later examples of this chapter. In the next sections, you learn more speci cs of the addPage() parameters and how they affect the printed output from the Flash application.
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Printing Targets as Vectors
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You should omit the options parameter or use a PrintJobOptions instance whose printAsBitmap parameter is set to false when you are printing vector graphics such as: Text contained within Static, Dynamic, or Input text elds Vector artwork created with Flash Professional or another vector authoring tool Non-Bitmap display objects without alpha, brightness, tint, advanced color effects, or lters applied, and without cacheAsBitmap set Especially if your print content includes text, you will really want to print the content as vectors. Printers have a much higher resolution than the screen: typically around 300 or 600 dots per inch as opposed to screens, which can be as low as 72 pixels per inch. Because of this, what looks crisp on a screen usually looks disappointing when scaled up to ll the page. When you use vector printing, Flash will scale up the print content to ll the print area using lossless vectors that preserve all their sharp edges at the destination resolution.
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Any alpha or color settings for symbol instances or artwork are ignored when printing as vectors. Bitmap images also print with more aliasing (that is, rough, pixelated edges) if they re printed as vector artwork. Printing as vector artwork also lls alpha channels of any bitmap images with solid white.
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Printing Targets as Bitmaps
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The PrintJobOptions parameter should be constructed with a value of true, or bitmap mode, when you are using a variety of sources for your artwork and content, such as: Display objects using alpha, brightness, tint, advanced color effects, or lters. Display objects containing imported or loaded bitmap images or programmatically created bitmaps. Although bitmap images can be printed as vector artwork, they appear sharper when printed as bitmaps. More important, bitmap images with alpha channels print correctly if the transparent areas of the alpha channel overlap other artwork. What happens to vector artwork (including text) that is printed as bitmaps This setting still prints vector artwork, but it won t be as crisp as artwork output with the vector setting. However, you might nd the differences between bitmap and vector settings with vector artwork negligible if you re ever in doubt, test your speci c artwork with both settings and compare the output. The bitmap setting is usually the safest bet if you are using bitmap images and any alpha or color effects.