Part III: The Display List in Java

Writer EAN 13 in Java Part III: The Display List
Part III: The Display List
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as AlivePDF(, which lets the user not only print the document but save and share it easily, or even put it on e-reader devices. If the output of your application is destined for the internet, these may also be desirable alternatives, because HTML and PDF are generally quite accessible and can be indexed and searched easily. If the document is just destined for the printer and you require control over how the document prints, it s best to go with a PrintJob.
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Controlling Printer Output from Flash
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With the flash.printing.PrintJob class, you can de ne how pages are constructed and sent to the printer. This section describes each of the methods and properties of the PrintJob class and explains how each works. If you want to see the PrintJob API in action, continue to the section Adding Print Functionality to Applications.
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Introducing the PrintJob Class
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On the surface, there isn t too much to PrintJob. In fact, the class has only three methods. To create a new instance of the PrintJob class, use the constructor:
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var printJob:PrintJob = new PrintJob();
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The constructor takes no arguments. Once you have a PrintJob object, you initiate the three methods of the object, in the following order:
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start() Opens the Print dialog box on the user s operating system. If the user clicks the Print (or OK) button in the Print dialog box, the method returns a true value. If the user cancels the dialog box, the method returns a false value. You should use the other two methods only if the start() method returns true. addPage() Called sequentially, adds pages to the PrintJob object and tells it what to
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print from the display list. This method uses a number of arguments, which are discussed in the following sections.
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send() Finalizes the output and sends the data to the printer s spooler.
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Once you have sent the output to the printer with the send() method, you can delete the PrintJob object. Let s take a closer look at the start() and addPage() methods.
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Starting a Print Request
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When you call the start() method, Flash opens a new Print dialog box that prompts the user to accept or cancel the print request. It also allows the user to determine essential properties of the print job such as the printer to use, the page size, and the page orientation and gives Flash Player access to these choices. The following properties are set on the PrintJob instance if the user clicks OK to a Print dialog box initiated from a Flash application. Some of the properties are measured in points, abbreviated as pt. There are 72 points to one inch. It s important to remember that points, millimeters, and inches are physical measurements, unlike pixels, which can appear at different physical sizes depending on the size and resolution of the display. Also, all the properties are of type int, so they are accurate to 1pt, or 1/72 .
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19: Printing
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paperHeight Represents the height (in points) of the paper size that the user has selected. For example, if the user has selected a paper size of 8.5 11 , paperHeight returns a value
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of 792 points (11 in 72 pt/inch = 792 pt).
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paperWidth Represents the width (in points) of the paper size that the user has selected. 8.5 11 paper has a paperWidth value of 612 points. pageHeight Perhaps the more useful of the height-based properties, the pageHeight property returns the height (in points) of the actual printable area. Many printers can print only to a certain portion of the paper size, leaving a margin around the edges of the paper. For example, on an 8.5 11 piece of paper, a typical printer can print an area sized 8.17 10.67 . If you are trying to size output to the page, you should use this property over paperHeight, or your document might appear cropped. pageWidth Like pageHeight, this represents the width (in points) of the actual printable area on the paper. orientation Contains a string value of either PrintJobOrientation.PORTRAIT or PrintJobOrientation.LANDSCAPE, based on the user s setting in the Print dialog box.
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Landscape pages are longer than they are high, and portrait pages are taller than they are wide. This will be re ected in the width and height properties of PrintJob. The start() method is synchronous. That means that it effectively pauses Flash until the user clicks the OK or Cancel button in the Print dialog box.
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