14: Visual Programming with the Display List in Java

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14: Visual Programming with the Display List
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Classes that derive from DisplayObject progressively add on related groups of functionality. The rst of these descendants is InteractiveObject. An InteractiveObject is a display object that reacts to user input from the mouse and keyboard. It adds to DisplayObject events and properties useful for an interactive object:
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mouseEnabled, tabEnabled, doubleClickEnabled Boolean properties that allow
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certain kinds of interactions on this display object.
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tabIndex, focusRect Properties de ning tab order and the keyboard focus style, for
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keyboard-enabled interaction.
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contextMenu Allows you to de ne a custom context menu for the display object when it is
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MouseEvent.CLICK, MouseEvent.DOUBLE_CLICK, MouseEvent.MOUSE_MOVE, MouseEvent.MOUSE_OVER, MouseEvent.MOUSE_OUT, MouseEvent.MOUSE_DOWN, MouseEvent.MOUSE_UP, MouseEvent.MOUSE_WHEEL Mouse events. KeyboardEvent.KEY_DOWN, KeyboardEvent.KEY_UP Keyboard events. FocusEvent.FOCUS_OUT, FocusEvent.FOCUS_IN, FocusEvent.MOUSE_FOCUS_CHANGE, FocusEvent.KEY_FOCUS_CHANGE Focus
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Event.CUT, Event.COPY, Event.PASTE, Event.SELECT_ALL, Event.CLEAR
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Interactive text context menu events, available in Flash Player 10 and later. TextEvent.TEXT_INPUT When text is input. These properties and events are covered in 21, Interactivity with Mouse and Keyboard Events. Needless to say, when combined they make it possible to interact with the user. InteractiveObject is also an abstract class. Instead of using it, you would use a concrete subclass like SimpleButton or TextField.
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DisplayObjectContainer extends InteractiveObject. A basic DisplayObject can t contain nested display objects. DisplayObjectContainer adds this capability. It adds the methods used in Introducing Display Lists and Display Objects to add, remove, reorder, and nd children, including: addChild(), addChildAt() Adding child display objects. removeChild(), removeChildAt() Removing child display objects. contains Testing for parentship. getChildAt(), getChildByName() Retrieving child display objects by depth or name. setChildIndex(), getChildIndex(), swapChildren(), swapChildrenAt() Manipulating child depths. numChildren Property (read-only) reporting the total number of child display objects. mouseChildren, tabChildren Allows or denies certain interactive events to pass through to children. Covered in 21. getObjectsUnderPoint() Retrieves display objects that intersect a given point. Useful for hit detection.
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Part III: The Display List
Only use DisplayObjectContainer classes when you need the ability to nest child display objects. DisplayObjectContainer is also an abstract class. Use its concrete subclasses like Sprite, Loader, or TextLine instead.
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Perhaps the most lightweight display class, Shape is a class used for drawing vector shapes. It extends DisplayObject, so it is not interactive and cannot nest children. It provides a Graphics object to draw programmatically into. Shape is covered in 35.
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Bitmap is a lightweight class that displays bitmap data, like data loaded from an image le, captured from an IBitmapDrawable source, or generated programmatically in a BitmapData instance. Most of the interesting bitmap manipulation is done by the BitmapData class instead. Bitmap holds a reference to a BitpmapData object, providing it a means to be displayed in the display list. It extends DisplayObject, so it is not interactive and cannot nest children. Bitmap is covered in 36.
The Video class provides video content a pathway to the display list. Like Bitmap acts as a container for BitmapData, Video is mostly a container to which you attach a NetConnection or a Camera. It extends DisplayObject, so it is not interactive and cannot nest children. Video is covered in 32, Playing Video.
The AVM1Movie class wraps SWFs that were compiled for the AVM1, using ActionScript 1.0 or 2.0, or targeting Flash Player versions 8 and lower. You can place AVM1 SWFs inside your ActionScript 3.0, AVM2 content, and they will display however and wherever you place the AVM1Movie display object. The AVM1Movie class can t be instantiated by user code; one is automatically created by a Loader when an AVM1 SWF is loaded. Although they remain interactive in the same ways that the original SWF was interactive, you can t interface with their code or movie clips; AVM1Movie extends DisplayObject, so as far as ActionScript 3.0 is concerned, it has no children and can t interact.
SimpleButton is, unsurprisingly, Flash Player s simple button class. As an InteractiveObject
subclass, it supports interactive events, but it can t contain children. However, it can use up to four DisplayObjects as the different graphical states of a button. These states are identical to the states you de ne on the timeline in Flash Professional for a Button symbol.
upState, downState, overState, hitTestState The four DisplayObjects used as button states. The SimpleButton switches between them seamlessly as the mouse interacts with it, showing the upState normally, the overState while the mouse is hovered over the button, and the downState while the mouse button is depressed over the button. The