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The AIR runtime can have multiple stages because every top-level window has its own display list.
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The terms root and document class also relate to objects at the top of the display list, but for now you ll limit yourself to the stage. You can develop applications without explicitly using either of these.
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Coordinate Spaces
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Every display object owns a coordinate space, a frame of reference against which the contents of the display object are measured. Positions, rotations, and distances in ActionScript are expressed in pure numbers. Of course, these naked numbers are meaningless without units like pixels (distance) or degrees (rotation), but they are also meaningless without a coordinate space to exist in. The coordinate space tells you what the x and y axes are, where those axes meet to form the origin (0, 0), and how far one unit is. Even though it s easy to forget about it, all measurements are relative to some frame of reference or other. When you measure the height of a building, it s understood that you re speaking about the height directly up starting at the ground you could just as easily measure the height of the building from sea level instead and get a much different result. When I tell you to go north in Manhattan, I m actually asking you to travel along the avenues north-south axis, which is nowhere
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14: Visual Programming with the Display List
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near true north 29 degrees to the east, in fact and yet perfectly describes the street grid, making it a much more useful frame of reference. Or simply think of it like this: the salt shaker to my right is on your left when you sit across from me. Measurements are always relative to a frame of reference.
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A robot rampages the scenic school yard and its display list
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The coordinate system of each display object is its local coordinate system. If you ve created a movie clip in Flash Professional and edited its contents by opening the symbol in the library, you ve worked in the symbol s local coordinate system. Suddenly, whatever rotations, translations, scaling, and shearing (collectively known as transformations) you ve applied to any given instance of the symbol doesn t matter, and you re presented with the clip in its own context. It has an origin the registration point from which the x and y axes emanate to the right and down. In the local coordinate space, one unit is one pixel, and y coordinates increase as they go down, unlike the canonical Cartesian coordinate space with y increasing up. In short, the local coordinate system is the natural space of a display object.
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Part III: The Display List
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Although the pixel is the basic unit of measurement in Flash, space is continuous, and any measurement can be subdivided. Any display object can be placed at any fraction of a pixel. The rendering engine in Flash Player decides how to rasterize fractional pixels depending on certain quality settings. It s not a bad idea to ensure nonrotated bitmaps exist on whole pixels if you want them to remain crisp.
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Once you place this display object inside another, its space is subject to whatever transformations you apply to it. Perhaps you have a clip called tri, which has a triangle with its top-left corner at (2, 2). This tri clip is shown in Figure 14-2. Maybe you add this clip to the stage. Move the clip 5 pixels to the right, for instance, and what once appeared at (2, 2) is at (5, 2), relative to the stage s coordinate system. In tri s local coordinate system, nothing has moved or changed, nor will it without your direct intervention. Try to think of these as two independent spaces: tri s coordinate system, and the stage s coordinate system. Now, the coordinate system that the stage de nes is not as exible. If you forget for a moment the stage scale modes and alignment that you can do when resizing the Flash Player embed or window, the stage is really xed. You always have this ultimate frame of reference, the global coordinate system. So when you re thinking about where something is on-screen, remember to ask in relationship to what In most cases, it means in relation to the parent coordinate system. In Figure 14-2, you d say that the triangle inside the display object tri is at (2, 2), and the display object tri is at (5, 0). You ll see more about moving between frames of reference when you look at the geometry classes later in this chapter. And 34, Geometric and Color Transformations, goes deeper into how coordinate spaces may be transformed.
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