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Collected Snippets: Regular Expression Flags
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var contacts:Object = new Object(); var contactText:String = "Call us at one of these numbers.\n" + "Los Angeles: 310-555-2910\n" + "New York: 212-555-2499\n" + "Boston: 617-555-7141"; var officeAndPhone:RegExp = /^([\w\s]+): (\d{3}-\d{3}-\d{4})/; var lines:Array = contactText.split(/\n/); var line:String; for each (line in lines) { var result:Array = line.match(officeAndPhone); if (result) { contacts[result[1]] = result[2]; } }
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Part II: Core ActionScript 3.0 Data Types
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You can simplify this code by using the multiline ag:
var contacts:Object = new Object(); var contactText:String = "Call us at one of these numbers.\n" + "Los Angeles: 310-555-2910\n" + "New York: 212-555-2499\n" + "Boston: 617-555-7141"; var officeAndPhone:RegExp = /^([\w\s]+): (\d{3}-\d{3}-\d{4})/gm; var result:Object; while (result = officeAndPhone.exec(contactText)) { contacts[result[1]] = result[2]; }
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By using the multiline and global ags, the same expression can match multiple times, even though the source text spans across several lines.
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The dotall ag, s, changes the behavior of the dot metacharacter. When the ag is not set, the dot (.) matches any character but a newline character. When the ag is set, the dot (.) matches every possible character including newlines. You can think of this mode as single-line mode because that evokes s much better than dotall and because it can be used to treat a string with multiple lines as one long string that happens to have \n characters in it. With the s ag on and the m ag off, the regular expression no longer maintains the illusion that the input string is partitioned into lines. You can see the dotall ag s effect in the following snippet:
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var lines:String = "hello,\n cruel world!"; trace(lines.match(/hello.*world/)); //null trace(lines.match(/hello.*world/s)); //hello, // cruel world
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The rst match() in this snippet operates on the assumption that you don t want your pattern to match across line breaks unless you explicitly include a line break character. The second match() allows anything to be in the .* subpattern, even newlines.
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Be careful with .*. This pattern is greedy and can eat more of the input text than you desire. With s on, it can eat its way across lines and to the end. You can be more cautious with a lazy pattern. The next section, Constructing Advanced Expressions, explains lazy and greedy patterns.
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The extended ag, x, is included in an attempt to mitigate the general illegibility of regular expressions. Making dense, amazingly complex regular expressions that do the same work as dozens of
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12: Regular Expressions
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lines of code is, I can vouch, rewarding, but when it comes time to explain your code to someone else or even to remember what you wrote six months ago, you might see the other edge of this sword. The extended ag lets you mitigate regex clutter by adding whitespace anywhere in the expression, which will not be literally interpreted unless it is escaped. When the ag is off, a space in a regular expression means match a space in the source text in this position : The whitespace is taken literally. Unfortunately, adding whitespace can do only so much for the understandability of your expressions. It s a good idea to brie y say what an expression does in a comment adjacent to it when the expression is complicated:
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//find these complete words that rhyme with base: space, trace, race. var rhymes:RegExp = /\b (tr|r|sp|b) a (c|s) e \b/gix;
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Retro tting the rhyme example with whitespace makes it a tad more legible. A comment helps more. Table 12-5 recaps the regular expression ags that ActionScript 3.0 supports.
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TABLE 12-5
Regular Expression Flags
Flag Character RegExp Property Behavior When Flag Is Set
g i m s x
global ignoreCase multiline dotall extended
Don t stop after rst match. All alphabetical comparisons are case insensitive. ^ and $ anchors match beginning and end of lines. . matches newline. Whitespace in expression is ignored unless escaped.