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Once you have the ability to match patterns in text, replacing those patterns with desired text is a simple enough leap.
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String::replace(pattern:*, repl:Object):String
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You might recognize this function, as well, from 6. You can use this method with a string pattern and a string replacement object to perform a basic substitution. Why did I write this book anyhow See Example 12-5. EXAMPLE 12-5
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Collected Snippets: Replacing Matching Text
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var quote:String = "I did it for the money and the ladies."; quote = quote.replace("money", "learning experience"); quote = quote.replace("ladies", "sleep deprivation"); trace(quote); //I did it for the learning experience and the sleep deprivation.
Part II: Core ActionScript 3.0 Data Types
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Now that s closer to the truth! Remember that the replace() method returns the modi ed String, rather than modifying it in place, so you assign the result back to quote to immediately apply the replacements. Now let s try replacing a pattern with a string.
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var document:String = "My name is John Doe, SSN 123-45-6789," + "I live at 120 Birch St..."; var ssn:RegExp = /\d{3}-\d{2}-\d{4}/g; document = document.replace(ssn, "<SSN REMOVED>"); trace(document); //My name is John Doe, SSN <SSN REMOVED>, I live at 120 Birch St...
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The example here searches for all patterns that look like a social security number (SSN) and sanitizes the document so that it contains no SSNs but indicates that they have been removed. If you have capture groups inside your expression, when replacing text you can use the captured text as a variable inside the replacement string. For example, let s change all instances of my name is X to X is my name.
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var introduction:String = "My name is Roger; but I ll have you know MY name is Henry!"; trace(introduction.replace(/my name is (\w+)/gi, "$1 is my name")); //Roger is my name; but I ll have you know Henry is my name!
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You have to search for the whole pattern my name is because you ll be modifying that phrase. However, of particular interest is the name itself, so you capture that. By using variables named $1, $2, and so on up to $99 in the replacement string, the rst, second, and ninety-ninth captured groups are resubstituted into the text that replaces the match. To make replacing text even sweeter, you can pass replace() a replacement function instead of a replacement string. The function is passed the matching text, all the captured groups for that match, and the full string in context, and you can make whatever kind of replacement you want. For instance, you could make sure that my friends names always appear capitalized properly.
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var friends:RegExp = /aashoo|betty|cesar|deepa|eve|frej|gina|hilary|isabell/gi; var fixCaps:Function = function fixCaps(...args):String { var match:String = String(args[0]); return match.charAt(0).toUpperCase() + match.substr(1).toLowerCase(); } var txt:String = "DEEPA is in SF cESaR is in Bogota and isaBELL is in Berlin."; trace(txt.replace(friends, fixCaps)); //Deepa is in SF Cesar is in Bogota and Isabell is in Berlin.
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You can do all kinds of things with custom substitutions, such as encoding particularly secret bits of information in an otherwise innocuous stream of text.
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12: Regular Expressions
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You can use regular expressions to break up text. This is useful when you are trying to interpret text that uses a delimiter to denote breaks between data.
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String::split(delimiter:*, limit:Number = 0x7fffffff):Array
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This method was used with String delimiters in 6 to split text into its constituents. The delimiter parameter, however, may also be a regular expression. You can use this to allow for more exibility in the delimiter. In this example, a haiku is split into phrases with slashes. However, you can t be entirely sure if the author will include spaces around the slashes, so you allow for whitespace on either side by splitting on a regular expression, as shown in Example 12-6.
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