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existence of a mechanism to translate the macroprogram into the equivalent set of node-level behaviors is implicit. The exact interpretation of macroprogramming varies. A Regiment program specifies operations (such as fold and map) over sensor data produced by nodes with certain geographic or topological relationships of interest. Since these subsets of the global network state can be manipulated as a single unit, Regiment is a macroprogramming language. Kairos is a macroprogramming language because the programmer writes a single, centralized program for the entire network, and the compiler and runtime system are responsible for the translation of this program into node-level behaviors, and implementing data coherence, respectively. TinyDB also enables macroprogramming because the programmer who formulates the SQL-like declarative aggregate query over sensor data is not responsible for (or even aware of) the details of in-network processing that are responsible for data collection and processing. We define the following two types of macroprogramming that are supported by ATaG.
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Application-level macroprogramming means that the programming abstractions should allow the manipulation of information at the desired level of semantic abstraction. The information may indicate the occurrence of an event and/or also carry information about the occurrence. For instance, in an object tracking application, the program should be able to access information such as number of targets currently tracked, location of nearest target, etc., without worrying about how that information is obtained. Architecture-levelmacroprogramming means that the programming abstractions should allow concise specification of common patterns of distributed computing and communication in the network. Such patterns are represented as part of neighborhood libraries defined for nodecentric programming methodologies [ 5 5 ] . These will typically have equivalent, concise abstractions in the macroprogramming language whose node-level implementation invokes the libraries.
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A macroprogramming language can be application-neutral or applicationspecific. The application-spec@ approach entails customized language features to support a particular class of networked sensing applications. For example, a programming language explicitly designed for multi-target tracking might provide the current set of target locations or the handles to the current targets as a language feature whose implementation is hidden from the user. A language for temperature monitoring might provide a topographic map of the
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terrain as a built-in data structure that is created and maintained entirely by the runtime system. The advantage of this approach is that the implementation of domain-specific features can be optimized based on apriori knowledge of the pattern of information flow. If domain-specific features are integrated into the language, the resultant complexity of coding a behavior in that domain is also reduced. The drawback of this approach is that the portability and reusability of application-level code across network architectures, node architectures, and domains could be compromised. Also, adding new language features or modifying existing features might require a redesign of the runtime system and could be impossible or difficult for the application developer.
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The two main contributions of this research are: (i) a programming model called the Abstract Task Graph (ATaG) for architecture-independent application development for aclass of networked sensor systems and (ii) a componentbased software architecture for the runtime system. A third contribution is a prototype environment for visual programming in ATaG and automatic software synthesis for the target network deployment. The prototype compiler integrated into this environment is designed to demonstrate functionally correct synthesis of a subset of the program features and does not optimize for any performance related metrics. Indeed, the definition of the compilation problem in the context of ATaG and the design and implementation of optimizing compilers for different scenarios is a significant research problem in its own right and one of the main areas of future work.
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The Abstract Task Graph (ATaG)
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ATaG is a macroprogramming model that builds upon the core concepts of data-driven computing and incorporates novel extensions for distributed senseand-respond applications. In ATaG, the types of information processing functionalities in the system are modeled as a set of abstract tasks with well-defined inputloutput interfaces. User-provided code associated with each abstract task implements the actual processing in the system. An ATaG program is abstract because the exact number and placement of tasks and the control and coordination mechanisms are not defined in the program but are determined at compile-time andor runtime, depending on the characteristics of the target deployment. Although ATaG is superficially based on the task graph representation, there are significant differences in the syntax and semantics, which
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