9: Platform and Posture in Java

Integrating QR-Code in Java 9: Platform and Posture
9: Platform and Posture
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There are a number of popular misconceptions about Web applications worth mentioning. For one, they are not easier or faster to build. In our experience, building an application to be delivered through a browser takes just as much (if not more) planning, engineering, and programming as building it to be delivered through standard desktop technologies. Second, Web applications are not inherently more usable or comprehendible. It is a common assumption that because many users are familiar with some Web interactions based upon their experience with online stores and informational Web sites that they will be able to leverage this familiarity to more easily understand applications delivered through a browser. While there may be a small amount of truth in this, the fact of the matter is that designing a good user experience for any platform requires careful consideration and hard work. Delivering the product through a browser certainly doesn t get you this for free.
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Postures for Web applications
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Web applications, much like desktop applications, can have sovereign or transient posture, but since we use the term to refer to products with complex and sophisticated functionality, by definition they tend towards sovereign posture. Sovereign posture Web applications strive to deliver information and functionality in a manner that best supports more complex human activities. Often this requires a rich and interactive user interface. A good example of such a Web application is Flickr, an online photo-sharing service that provides for things like drag-and-drop image sorting and in-place editing for text labels and annotation (see Figure 9-6). Other examples of sovereign posture Web applications include a multitude of enterprise software delivered through a browser. Unlike page-oriented informational and transactional Web sites, the design of sovereign Web applications is best approached in the same manner as desktop applications. Designers also need a clear understanding of the technical limitations of the medium and what can reasonably be accomplished on time and budget by the development organization. Like sovereign desktop applications, most sovereign Web applications should be full-screen applications, densely populated with controls and data objects, and they should make use of specialized panes or other screen regions to group related functions and objects. Users should have the feeling that they are in an environment, not that they are navigating from page to page or place to place. Redrawing and re-rendering of information should be minimized (as opposed to the behavior on Web sites, where almost any action requires a full redraw).
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Part II: Designing Behavior and Form
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Figure 9-6 Flickr s Organize tool allows users to create sets of photos and change their attributes in a batch, in one place, without navigating through countless Web pages to do so.
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The benefit of treating sovereign Web applications as desktop applications rather than as collections of Web pages is that it allows designers to break out of the constraints of page-oriented models of browser interaction to address the complex behaviors that these client-server applications require. Web sites are effective places to get information you need, just as elevators are effective places to get to a particular floor in a building. But you don t try to do actual work in elevators; similarly, users are not served by being forced to attempt to do real, interaction-rich transactional work using page-based Web sites accessed through a browser. One advantage to delivering enterprise functionality through a browser-based user interface is that, if done correctly, it can provide users with better access to occasionally used information and functionality without requiring them to install every tool they may need on their computers. Whether it is a routine task that is only performed once a month or the occasional generation of an ad hoc report, transient posture Web applications aim to accomplish just this. When designing transient posture Web applications, as with all transient applications, it is critical to provide for clear orientation and navigation. Also keep in mind that one user s transient application may be another user s sovereign application. Think hard about how compatible the two users sets of needs are it is commonly
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