7: From Requirements to Design: The Framework and Refinement in Java

Generating Denso QR Bar Code in Java 7: From Requirements to Design: The Framework and Refinement
7: From Requirements to Design: The Framework and Refinement
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Refining the Form and Behavior
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When a solid, stable framework definition is reached, designers see the remaining pieces of the design begin to smoothly fall into place: Each iteration of the key path scenarios adds detail that strengthens the overall coherence and flow of the product. At this stage, a transition is made into the Refinement phase, where the design is translated into a final, concrete form. In this phase, principles and patterns remain important in giving the design a fine formal and behavioral finish. Parts II and III provide useful principles for the Refinement phase. It is also critical for the programming team to be intimately involved throughout the Refinement phase; now that the design has a solid conceptual and behavioral basis, programmer input is critical to creating a finished design that will be built, while remaining true to concept. The Refinement phase is marked by the translation of the sketched storyboards to full-resolution screens that depict the user interface at the pixel level (see Figure 7-4).
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Figure 7-4 Full-resolution bitmap screens for Cross Country TravCorps based on the Framework illustration from Figure 7-2. Note that there are minor changes to the layout that naturally result from the realities of pixels and screen resolution. Visual and interaction designers need to work closely together at this stage to ensure that visual changes to the design continue to reinforce appropriate product behaviors and meet the goals of the primary personas.
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Part I: Understanding Goal-Directed Design
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The basic process of design refinement follows the same steps we used to develop the design framework, this time at deeper and deeper levels of detail (though, of course, it isn t necessary to revisit the form factor and input methods unless an unexpected cost or manufacturing issue crops up with the hardware). After following Steps 2 6 at the view and pane levels, while incorporating the increasingly refined visual and industrial designs, use scenarios to motivate and address the more granular components of the product. Address every primary view and dialog possible. Throughout the refinement phase, visual designers should develop and maintain a visual style guide. Programmers use this guide to apply visual design elements consistently when they create lowpriority parts of the interface that the designers typically don t have time and resources to complete themselves. At the same time, industrial designers work with engineers to finalize components and assembly. While the end product of the design process can be any one of a variety of outputs, we typically create a printed form and behavior specification. This document includes screen renderings with callouts sufficiently detailed for a programmer to code from, as well as detailed storyboards to illustrate behaviors over time. It can also be valuable to produce an interactive prototype in HTML or Flash that can augment your documentation to better illustrate complex interactions. However, keep in mind that prototypes alone are rarely sufficient to communicate underlying patterns, principles, and rationale, which are vital concepts to communicate to programmers. Regardless of your choice of design deliverable, your team should continue to work closely with the construction team throughout implementation. It requires vigilance to ensure that the design vision is faithfully and accurately translated from the design document to a final product.
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Design Validation and Usability Testing
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In the course of an interaction design project, it s often desirable to evaluate how well you ve hit the mark by going beyond your personas and validation scenarios to put your solutions in front of actual users. This should be done once the solution is detailed enough to give users something concrete to respond to, and with enough time allotted to make alterations to the design based upon your findings. In our experience, user feedback sessions and usability tests are good at identifying major problems with the interaction framework and at refining things like button labels and activity order and priority. They re also essential for fine-tuning such
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