Part I: Understanding Goal-Directed Design in Java

Make QR Code in Java Part I: Understanding Goal-Directed Design
Part I: Understanding Goal-Directed Design
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Context scenarios should not represent system behaviors as they currently are. These scenarios represent the brave new world of Goal-Directed products, so, especially in the initial phases, focus on the goals. Don t yet worry about exactly how things will get accomplished you should initially treat the design as a bit of a magic black box. In most cases, more than one context scenario is necessary. This is true especially when there are multiple primary personas, but sometimes even a single primary persona may have two or more distinct contexts of use. Context scenarios are also entirely textual. We are not yet discussing form, only the behaviors of the user and the system. This discussion is best accomplished as a textual narrative.
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An example context scenario
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The following is an example of a first iteration of a context scenario for a primary persona for a personal digital assistant (PDA) type phone, including both the device and its service. Our persona is Vivien Strong, a real-estate agent in Indianapolis, whose goals are to balance work and home life, close the deal, and make each client feel like he is her only client. Vivien s context scenario:
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1. While getting ready in the morning, Vivien uses her phone to check her e-mail. It has a large enough screen and quick connection time so that it s more convenient than booting up a computer as she rushes to make her daughter, Alice, a sandwich for school. 2. Vivien sees an e-mail from her newest client, Frank, who wants to see a house this afternoon. The device has his contact info, so now she can call him with a simple action right from the e-mail. 3. While on the phone with Frank, Vivien switches to speakerphone so she can look at the screen while talking. She looks at her appointments to see when she s free. When she creates a new appointment, the phone automatically makes it an appointment with Frank, because it knows with whom she is talking. She quickly enters the address of the property into the appointment as she finishes her conversation. 4. After sending Alice off to school, Vivien heads into the real-estate office to gather some papers for another appointment. Her phone has already updated her Outlook appointments, so the rest of the office knows where she ll be in the afternoon. 5. The day goes by quickly, and she s running a bit late. As she heads towards the property she ll be showing Frank, the phone alerts her that her appointment is in
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6: The Foundations of Design: Scenarios and Requirements 15 minutes. When she flips open the phone, it shows not only the appointment, but a list of all documents related to Frank, including e-mails, memos, phone messages, and call logs to Frank s number. Vivien presses the call button, and the phone automatically connects to Frank because it knows her appointment with him is soon. She lets him know she ll be there in 20 minutes. 6. Vivien knows the address of the property but is a bit unsure exactly where it is. She pulls over and taps the address she put into the appointment. The phone downloads directions along with a thumbnail map showing her location relative to the destination. 7. Vivien gets to the property on time and starts showing it to Frank. She hears the phone ring from her purse. Normally while she is in an appointment, the phone will automatically transfer directly to voicemail, but Alice has a code she can press to get through. The phone knows it s Alice calling, and uses a distinctive ring tone. 8. Vivien takes the call Alice missed the bus and needs a pickup. Vivien calls her husband to see if he can do it. She gets his voicemail; he must be out of service range. She tells him she s with a client and asks if he can get Alice. Five minutes later the phone makes a brief tone Vivien recognizes as her husband s; she sees he s sent her an instant message: I ll get Alice; good luck on the deal!
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Notice how the scenario remains at a fairly high level, without getting too specific about interfaces or technologies. It s important to create scenarios that are within the realm of technical possibility, but at this stage the details of reality aren t yet important. We want to leave the door open for truly novel solutions, and it s always possible to scale back; we are ultimately trying to describe an optimal, yet still feasible, experience. Also notice how the activities in the scenario tie back to Vivien s goals and try to strip out as many tasks as possible.
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