5: Modeling Users: Personas and Goals in Java

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5: Modeling Users: Personas and Goals
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them. Life goals are most useful for personas of consumer-oriented products, but they can also make sense for enterprise personas in transient job roles. Zero or one life goal is appropriate for most personas. General experience goals such as don t feel stupid and don t waste time can be taken as implicit for almost any persona. Occasionally, a specific domain may dictate the need for more specific experience goals; zero to two experience goals is appropriate for most personas.
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Persona relationships
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It sometimes makes sense for the set of personas for a product to be part of the same family or corporation and to have interpersonal or social relationships with each other. The typical case, however, is for individual personas to be completely unrelated to each other and often from completely different geographic locations and social groups. When considering whether it makes sense for personas to have business or social relationships, think about:
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1. Whether you observed any behavioral variations in your interview subjects related to variations in company size, industry, or family/social dynamic. (In this case, you ll want to make sure that your persona set represents this diversity by being situated in at least a couple of different businesses or social settings.) 2. If it is critical to illustrate workflow or social interactions between coworkers or members of a family or social group.
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If you create personas that work for the same company or have social relationships with each other, you might run into difficulties if you need to express a significant goal that doesn t belong with the preestablished relationship. While a single social relationship between your set of personas is easier to define than several different, unrelated social relationships between individual personas and minor players outside the persona set, it can be much better to put the initial effort into development of diverse personas than to risk the temptation of bending more diverse scenarios to fit a single social dynamic.
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Step 5: Check for completeness and redundancy
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At this point, your personas should be starting to come to life. You should check your mappings and personas characteristics and goals to see if there are any important gaps that need filling. This again may point to the need to perform additional research directed at finding particular behaviors missing from your behavioral axes. You might also want to check your notes to see if there are any political personas that you need to add to satisfy stakeholder assumptions or requests.
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Part I: Understanding Goal-Directed Design
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If you find that two personas seem to vary only by demographics, you may choose to eliminate one of the redundant personas or tweak the characteristics of your personas to make them more distinct. Each persona must vary from all others in at least one significant behavior. If you ve done a good job of mapping, this shouldn t be an issue. By making sure that your persona set is complete and that each persona is meaningfully distinct, you ensure that your personas sufficiently represent the diversity of behaviors and needs in the real world, and that you have as compact a design target as possible, which reduces work when you begin designing interactions.
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Step 6: Expand description of attributes and behaviors
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Your list of bullet point characteristics and goals arrived at in Step 4 points to the essence of complex behaviors, but leaves much implied. Third-person narrative is far more powerful at conveying the persona s attitudes, needs, and problems to other team members. It also deepens the designer/authors connection to the personas and their motivations. A typical persona description should be a synthesis of the most important details observed during research, relevant to this persona. This becomes a very effective communication tool. Ideally, the majority of your user research findings should be contained in your persona description. This will be the manner in which your research directly informs design activities (as you will see in the upcoming chapters). This narrative should be no longer than one or two pages of prose. The persona narrative does not need to contain every observed detail because, ideally, the designers also performed the research, and most people outside the design team do not require more detail than this. The narrative must, by nature, contain some fictional situations, but as previously discussed, it is not a short story. The best narrative quickly introduces the persona in terms of his job or lifestyle, and briefly sketches a day in his life, including peeves, concerns, and interests that have direct bearing on the product. Details should be an expansion of your list of characteristics, with additional data derived from your observations and interviews. The narrative should express what the persona is looking for in the product by way of a conclusion. Be careful about the precision of detail in your descriptions. The detail should not exceed the depth of your research. In scientific disciplines, if you record a measurement of 35.421 meters, this implies that your measurements are accurate to .001 meters. A detailed persona description implies a similar level of observation in your research.
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