User goals are user motivations in Java

Development QR in Java User goals are user motivations
User goals are user motivations
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In summary, it s important to remember that understanding personas is more about understanding motivations and goals than it is about understanding specific tasks or demographics. Linking up persona goals with Norman s model, top-level user motivations include:
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Experience goals, which are related to visceral processing: how a user wants to feel End goals, which are related to behavior: what a user wants to do Life goals, which are related to reflection: who a user wants to be
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Using personas, goals, and scenarios (as you ll learn in upcoming chapters) provides the key to unlocking the power of visceral, behavioral, and reflective design, and bringing these together into a harmonious whole. While some of our best designers seem to understand and act upon these aspects of design almost intuitively, consciously designing for all levels of human cognition and emotion offers tremendous potential for creating more satisfying and delightful user experiences.
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Types of goals
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User goals are not the only type of goals that designers need to take into account. Customer goals, business goals, and technical goals are all nonuser goals. Typically, these goals must be acknowledged and considered, but they do not form the basis for the design direction. Although these goals do need to be addressed, they must not be addressed at the expense of the user.
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5: Modeling Users: Personas and Goals
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Customer goals
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Customers, as already discussed, have different goals than users. The exact nature of these goals varies quite a bit between consumer and enterprise products. Consumer customers are often parents, relatives, or friends who often have concerns about the safety and happiness of the persons for whom they are purchasing the product. Enterprise customers are typically IT managers, and they often have concerns about security, ease of maintenance, and ease of customization. Customer personas also may have their own life, experience, and especially end goals in relation to the product if they use it in any capacity. Customer goals should never trump end goals but need to be considered within the overall design.
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Business and organizational goals
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Businesses and other organizations have their own requirements for products, services, and systems, which should also be modeled and considered when devising design solutions. While the goals of businesses, where users and customers work, are typically captured in user and customer personas, it is often useful to define the business goals of the organization commissioning the design and developing and selling (or otherwise distributing) the product. Clearly, these organizations are hoping to accomplish something with the product (which is why they are willing to spend money and effort on design and development), Business goals include the following:
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Increase profit Increase market share Retain customers Defeat the competition Use resources more efficiently Offer more products or services
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You may find yourself designing on behalf of an organization that is not necessarily a business, such as a museum, nonprofit, or school (though all organizations are increasingly run as businesses these days). These organizations also have goals that must be considered, such as:
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Educate the public Raise enough money to cover overhead
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Part I: Understanding Goal-Directed Design
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Technical goals
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Most of the software-based products we use everyday are created with technical goals in mind. Many of these goals ease the task of software creation, which is a programmer s goal. This is why they typically take precedence at the expense of the users goals. Technical goals include:
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Run in a variety of browsers Safeguard data integrity Increase program execution efficiency Use a particular development language or library Maintain consistency across platforms
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Technical goals in particular are very important to the development staff. It is important to stress early in the education process that these goals must ultimately serve user and business goals. Technical goals are not terribly meaningful to the success of a product unless they are derived from the need to meet other more human-oriented goals. It might be a software company s task to use new technology, but it is rarely a user s goal for them to do so. In most cases, users don t care if their job is accomplished with hierarchical databases, relational databases, objectoriented databases, flat-file systems, or black magic. What we care about is getting our job done swiftly, effectively, and with a modicum of ease and dignity.
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