Personas are represented as individual people in Java

Writer Denso QR Bar Code in Java Personas are represented as individual people
Personas are represented as individual people
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Personas are user models that are represented as specific, individual human beings. They are not actual people but are synthesized directly from observations of real people. One of the key elements that allow personas to be successful as user models is that they are personifications.2 This is appropriate and effective because of the unique aspects of personas as user models: They engage the empathy of the design and development towards the human target of the design. Empathy is critical for the designers, who will be making their decisions for design frameworks and details based on both the cognitive and emotional dimensions of the persona, as typified by the persona s goals. (We will discuss the important connections between goals, behaviors, and personas later in this chapter.) However, the power of empathy should not be quickly discounted for other team members. Not only do personas help make our design solutions better at serving real user needs, but they also make these solutions more compelling to stakeholders. When personas have been carefully and appropriately crafted, stakeholders and engineers begin to think about them as if they are real human beings and become much more interested in creating a product that will give this person a satisfying experience. We re all aware of the power of fictional characters in books, movies, and television programs to engage viewers. Jonathan Grudin and John Pruitt have discussed how this can relate to interaction design.3 They note, as well, the power of method
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Part I: Understanding Goal-Directed Design
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acting as a tool that actors use to understand and portray realistic characters. In fact, the process of creating personas from user observation, and then imagining and developing scenarios from the perspective of these personas, is, in many ways, analogous to method acting. (We ve even heard our Goal-Directed use of personas referred to as the Stanislavsky Method of interaction design.)
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Personas represent groups of users
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Although personas are depicted as specific individuals, because they function as archetypes, they represent a class or type of user of a specific interactive product. A persona encapsulates a distinct set of behavior patterns regarding the use of a particular product (or analogous activities if a product does not yet exist), which are identified through the analysis of interview data, and supported by supplemental quantitative data as appropriate. These patterns, along with specific motivations or goals, define our personas. Personas are also sometimes referred to as composite user archetypes because personas are in a sense composites assembled by grouping related usage patterns observed across individuals in similar roles during the Research phase.4
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Personas and reuse
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Organizations with more than one product often want to reuse the same personas. However, to be effective, personas must be context specific they should be focused on the behaviors and goals related to the specific domain of a particular product. Personas, because they are constructed from specific observations of users interacting in specific contexts, cannot easily be reused across products even when those products form a closely linked suite.5 For a set of personas to be an effective design tool for multiple products, the personas must be based upon research concerning the usage contexts for all of these products. In addition to broadening the scope of the research, an even larger challenge is to identify manageable and coherent sets of behavior patterns across all of the contexts. Clearly, it is a fallacy to believe that just because two users exhibit similar behaviors in regard to one product, that those two users would behave similarly with respect to a different product. Thus, as focus expands to encompass more and more products, it becomes increasingly difficult to create a concise and coherent set of personas that represents the diversity of real-world users. We ve found that, in most cases, personas should be researched and developed individually for different products.
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