The elastic user Self-referential design Edge cases in Java

Integrating QR Code ISO/IEC18004 in Java The elastic user Self-referential design Edge cases
The elastic user Self-referential design Edge cases
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We discuss each of these briefly in the following sections.
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The elastic user
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Although satisfying the users of our products is our goal, the term user causes trouble when applied to specific design problems and contexts. Its imprecision makes it dangerous as a design tool every person on a product team has his own conceptions of who the user is and what the user needs. When it comes time to make product decisions, this user becomes elastic, conveniently bending and stretching to fit the opinions and presuppositions of whoever s talking. If the product development team finds it convenient to use a confusing tree control containing nested, hierarchical folders to provide access to information, they might
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Part I: Understanding Goal-Directed Design
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define the user as a computer-literate power user. Other times, when it is more convenient to step through a difficult process with a wizard, they define the user as an unsophisticated first-time user. Designing for the elastic user gives a productdevelopment team license to build what it pleases, while still apparently serving the user. Of course, our goal should be to design products that appropriately meet the needs of real users. Real users and the personas representing them are not elastic, but rather have specific requirements based on their goals, capabilities, and contexts. Even focusing on user roles or job titles rather than specific archetypes can introduce unproductive elasticity to the focus of design activities. For example, in designing clinical products, it might be tempting to lump together all nurses as having similar needs. However, if you have any experience in a hospital, you know that trauma nurses, pediatric intensive-care nurses, and operating room nurses are quite different from each other, each with their own attitudes, aptitudes, needs, and motivations. A lack of precision about the user can lead to a lack of clarity about how the product should behave.
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Self-referential design
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Self-referential design occurs when designers or developers project their own goals, motivations, skills, and mental models onto a product s design. Many cool product designs fall into this category. The audience doesn t extend beyond people like the designer, which is fine for a narrow range of products and completely inappropriate for most others. Similarly, programmers apply self-referential design when they create implementation-model products. They understand perfectly how the data is structured and how software works and are comfortable with such products. Few nonprogrammers would concur.
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Edge cases
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Another syndrome that personas help prevent is designing for edge cases those situations that might possibly happen, but usually won t for the target personas. Typically, edge cases must be designed and programmed for, but they should never be the design focus. Personas provide a reality check for the design. We can ask, Will Julie want to perform this operation very often Will she ever With this knowledge, we can prioritize functions with great clarity.
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Personas are based on research
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Personas, like any models, must be based on real-world observation. As discussed in the preceding chapter, the primary source of data used to synthesize personas should be in-context interviews borrowing from ethnographic techniques, contextual
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5: Modeling Users: Personas and Goals
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inquiry, or other similar dialogues with and observation of actual and potential users. The quality of the data gathered following the process (outlined in 4) directly impacts the efficacy of personas in clarifying and directing design activities. Other data that can support and supplement the creation of personas include (in rough order of effectiveness):
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Interviews with users outside of their use contexts Information about users supplied by stakeholders and subject matter experts (SMEs) Market research data such as focus groups and surveys Market-segmentation models Data gathered from literature reviews and previous studies
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However, none of this supplemental data can take the place of direct user interviews and observation. Almost every aspect of a well-developed persona can be traced back to a user statement or behavior.
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