DESIGN principle in Java

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DESIGN principle
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Imagine users as very intelligent but very busy.
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Part I: Understanding Goal-Directed Design
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On the other hand, intelligent people always learn better when they understand cause and effect, so you must give them an understanding of why things work as they do. We use mental models to bridge the contradiction. If the represented model of the interface closely follows the user s mental model (as discussed in 2), it will provide the understanding the user needs without forcing him to figure out the implementation model.
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Getting beginners on board
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A new user must grasp the concepts and scope of the product quickly or he will abandon it. Thus, the first order of business of the designer is to ensure that the product adequately reflects the user s mental model of his tasks. He may not recall from use to use exactly which command is needed to act on a particular object, but he will definitely remember the relationships between objects and actions the important concepts if the interface s conceptual structure is consistent with his mental model. To get beginners to a state of intermediacy requires extra help from the program, but this extra help will get in their way as soon as they become intermediates. This means that whatever extra help you provide, it must not be fixed into the interface. It must know how to go away when its services are no longer required. Standard online help is a poor tool for providing such beginner assistance. We ll talk more about help in 25, but its primary utility is as a reference, and beginners don t need reference information; they need overview information, such as a guided tour. A separate guide facility displayed within a dialog box is a fine means for communicating overview, scope, and purpose. As the user begins to use the product, a dialog box can appear that states the basic goals and tools of the product, naming the main features. As long as the guide stays focused on beginner issues, like scope and goals, and avoids perpetual intermediate and expert issues (discussed below), it should be adequate for assisting beginners. Beginners also rely heavily upon menus to learn and execute commands (see 22 for a detailed discussion about why this is true). Menus may be slow and clunky, but they are also thorough and verbose, so they offer reassurances. The dialog boxes that the menu items launch (if they do so at all) should also be (tersely) explanatory, and come with convenient Cancel buttons.
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3: Beginners, Experts, and Intermediates
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What experts need
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Experts are also a vital group because they have a disproportionate influence on less experienced users. When a prospective buyer considers your product, he will trust the expert s opinion more than an intermediate s. If the expert says, It s not very good, she may mean It s not very good for experts. The beginner doesn t know that, however, and will take the expert s advice, even though it may not apply. Experts might occasionally look for esoteric features, and they might make heavy use of a few of them. However, they will definitely demand faster access to their regular working set of tools, which may be quite large. In other words, experts want shortcuts to everything. Anyone who uses a digital product for hours a day will very quickly internalize the nuances of its interface. It isn t so much that they want to cram frequently used commands into their heads, as much as it is unavoidable. Their frequency of use both justifies and requires the memorization. Expert users constantly, aggressively seek to learn more and to see more connections between their actions and the product s behavior and representation. Experts appreciate new, powerful features. Their mastery of the product insulates them from becoming disturbed by the added complexity.
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