Afterword: On Collaboration in Java

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Afterword: On Collaboration
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We think of the Goal-Directed method as consisting of four p s: processes, patterns, principles, and practices. This book mostly concerns itself with the first three. In closing, we d like to share a few thoughts about the practice of interaction design. Interaction design is largely a difficult and messy affair (which is not to say that we don t love it). Interaction designers are often asked to help imagine and define something that has never been seen before, using new technology on an ambitious timeline. They must develop a sophisticated understanding of a complex domain, balance competing priorities, and understand the limitations and opportunities associated with the technology at their disposal and the business context of the project at hand. The vertigo caused by these struggles and challenges has motivated us to take a very methodical approach. When we work according to the processes described in Part I, we know that we will have the benefit of the appropriate information to answer the right questions at the right time, a sense of predictability and an audit trail for design decisions back through requirements, scenarios, personas, and research. Patterns and principles are useful because they help us avoid wasted effort of continually examining first assumptions and reinventing the wheel. But ultimately, these things are not enough. Process, patterns, and principles are necessary, but not sufficient, for a successful interaction design project. As much as these tools help, designers must still have the spark of inventiveness to imagine a new reality, and the experience and judgment to know if it s good. There is no recipe for creative vision and good design judgment. And even when you believe you have the right concept, it takes considerable hard work, diligence, and skill to execute it well. One of the most challenging, chaotic but ultimately rewarding aspects of this hard work is collaboration with the rest of the product and business team.
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About Face 3: The Essentials of Interaction Design
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As we ve discussed, interaction design needs input from and has implications for business decision makers, marketers, technologists, business analysts, and a potentially huge cast of product fabrication, quality assurance, support, and installation people, among others. If interaction design is done in a vacuum, the product team will lack common direction and the expertise and intelligence of its members will not provide benefit to the design. As we described in 4, designers must develop an understanding of the goals, vision, and constraints of the different constituencies during stakeholder interviews early in the Research phase. However, it is also necessary to involve key stakeholders throughout the design process to provide visibility and opportunities for input and feedback, and to create buy-in for the design. In particular, we d to highlight three important groups with which interaction designers should collaborate. First, there are the business decision makers, who, as we discussed in the Introduction, are ultimately responsible for the profitability and success of the product and commonly fund the interaction design effort. It is important to work with these people closely at project inception to understand product vision and define user research focus, and then throughout the Requirements Definition and Framework Definition phases (see s 6 and 7) to define and agree upon the product definition. Business decision makers are also important to involve in Design Refinement discussions, because the trade-offs between different solutions may involve making decisions about the development budget and timeline. Second, interaction designers must collaborate quite closely with programmers and other technologists (such as mechanical and electrical engineers for physical products). Without the talents and abilities of these people, even the best design solutions are completely worthless. The purpose of this collaboration is to make sure that design and implementation are in perfect alignment: that designs accommodate technical and cost constraints, capitalize on technological opportunities, and are effectively communicated to programmers. Also, it is often the case that a technologist s expertise can point in the direction of new possibilities that designers weren t aware of. Finally, interaction designers must collaborate with all the other people on the project team whose work impacts the overall user experience. Depending on the project, this may include design strategists, user and market researchers, industrial designers, visual designers, user documentation writers, packaging designers, and possibly even store and point-of-sale designers. The purpose of this collaboration is to ensure that all aspects of the user experience are in harmony with each other,
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