21: Controls in Java

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21: Controls
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and successful user interface. By and large this is not the case. Because most users have learned that links are a navigational idiom, they will be confused and disoriented if clicking a link results in the execution of an action. In general, you should use links for navigation through content, and buttons or butcons for other actions and functions.
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DESIGN principle
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Use links for navigation, and buttons or butcons for action.
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Selection Controls
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Because the imperative control is a verb, it needs a noun upon which to operate. Selection and entry controls are the two controls used to define nouns (in addition to direction manipulation idioms). A selection control allows the user to choose this noun from a group of valid choices. Selection controls are also used to configure actions in the case of a direct manipulation idiom, the noun may be defined and the selection control is used to define an adjective or adverb. Common examples of selection controls include check boxes, list boxes, and drop-down lists. Traditionally, selection controls do not directly result in actions they require an imperative control to activate. This is no longer always the case. In some situations, such as the use of a drop-down list as a navigation control on a Web page, this can be disorientating to users. In other cases, such as using a drop-down to adjust type size in a word processor, this can seem quite natural. As in many things in interaction design, there are advantages and disadvantages to both approaches. In cases where it is desirable to allow a user to make a series of selections before committing to the action, there should be an explicit imperative control (i.e., button). In cases where users would benefit from seeing the immediate impact of their actions, and those actions are easy to undo, it is completely reasonable for the selection control to double as an imperative control.
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Check boxes
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The check box was one of the earliest visual control idioms invented, and it is the favorite for presenting a single, binary choice (see Figure 21-3). The check box has a strong visual affordance for clicking; it appears as a pliant area because of a mouseover highlight or a 3D recessed visual treatment. After a user clicks on it and sees the checkmark appear, he has learned all he needs to know to make it work at will: Click to check; click again to uncheck. The check box is simple, visual, and elegant.
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Part III: Designing Interaction Details
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Figure 21-3 These are standard check boxes from Microsoft Windows (on the left) and Apple OS X (on the right). Again, the use of shading and highlights suggest dimensionality, which gives the check boxes affordance or clickability. Notice how the Windows check boxes feature the more typical recessed look, whereas those from OS X are raised.
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The check box is, however, primarily a text-based control. The check box is a familiar, effective idiom, but it has the same strengths and weaknesses as menus. Wellwritten text can make check boxes unambiguous. However, this exacting text forces users to slow down to read it, and takes a considerable amount of real estate. Traditionally, check boxes are square. Users recognize visual objects by their shape, and the square check box is an important standard. There is nothing inherently good or bad about squareness; it just happens to have been the shape originally chosen and many users have already learned to recognize this shape. There is no good reason to deviate from this pattern. Don t make them diamond-shaped or round, regardless of what the marketing or graphic arts people say. However, it is possible to implement a more graphical approach to the check box function by expanding on the butcon. The button evolved into the butcon by replacing its text with an icon, then migrating onto the toolbar. Once there, the metamorphosis of the button continued by the simple expedient of allowing it to stay in the recessed or pushed-in state when clicked, then returning to the raised aspect when it is clicked again, a latching butcon or toggle (see Figure 21-4). The state of the toggle is no longer momentary, but rather locks in place until it is clicked again. The character of the control has changed sufficiently to move it into an entirely different category: from imperative to selection control.
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Figure 21-4 These images depict toggle butcons in their flat, mouseover, clicked, and selected states in Microsoft Office 2003.
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The toggle button is widely superseding the check box as a single-selection idiom and is especially appropriate in modeless interactions that do not require interruption of a user s flow to make a decision. Latching butcons are more space efficient than check boxes are: They are smaller because they can rely on visual recognition
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