20: Window Behaviors in Java

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20: Window Behaviors
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Necessary rooms
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When you want to go swimming, it would be odd if you were offered a living room full of people as a place to change your clothes. Decorum and modesty are excellent reasons for you to want a separate room in which to change. It is entirely appropriate to provide a separate room when one is needed. When users perform a function outside their normal sequence of events, it s usually desirable to provide a special place in which to perform it. For example, purging a database is not a normal activity. It involves setting up and using features and facilities that are not part of the normal operation of the database program. The more prosaic parts of the application support daily tasks like entering and examining records, but erasing records en masse is not an everyday occurrence. The purge facility correctly belongs in a separate dialog box. It is entirely appropriate for the program to lead a user into a separate room a window or dialog to handle that function. Using goal-directed thinking, we can examine each function to good effect. If someone is using a graphics program to develop a drawing, his goal is to create an appealing and effective image. All the drawing tools are directly related to this goal, but the pencils and paintbrushes and erasers are the most tightly connected functions. These tools should be intimately integrated into the workspace itself in the same way that the conventional artist arranges his tools on his drawing board, close at hand. They are ready for immediate use without his having to reach far, let alone having to get up and walk into the next room. In the program, drawing tools should be arrayed on the edges of the drawing space, available with a single click of the mouse. Users shouldn t have to go to the menu or to dialog boxes to access these tools. For example, Corel Painter arranges artists tools in trays, and lets you move the things that you use frequently to the front of the tray. Although you can hide the various trays and palettes if you want, they appear as the default and are part of the main drawing window. They can be positioned anywhere on the window, as well. And if you create a brush that is, for example, thin charcoal in a particular shade of red that you re going to need again, you simply tear it off the palette and place it wherever you want on your workspace just like laying that charcoal in the tray on your easel. This tool selection design closely mimics the way we manipulate tools while drawing. If, on the other hand, you decide to import a piece of clip art, although the function is related to the goal of producing a good drawing, the tools used are not immediately related to drawing. The clip art directory is clearly not congruent with the
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Part III: Designing Interaction Details
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user s goal of drawing it is only a means to an end. The conventional artist probably does not keep a book of clip art right on his drawing board, but you can expect that it is close by, probably on a bookshelf immediately adjacent to the drawing board and available without even getting up. In the drawing application, the clip art facility should be very easy to access but, because it involves a whole suite of tools that aren t normally needed, it should be placed in a separate facility: a dialog box. When you re done creating the artwork, you ve achieved your initial goal of creating an effective image. At this point, your goals change. Your new goal is to preserve the picture, protect it, and communicate through it. The need for pens and pencils is over. The need for clip art is over. Leaving these tools behind now is no hardship. The conventional artist would now unpin the drawing from his board, take it into the hall and spray it with fixative, then roll it up and put it in a mailing tube. He purposely leaves behind his drawing tools he doesn t want them affected by fixative overspray and doesn t want accidents with paint or charcoal to mar the finished work. Mailing tubes are used infrequently and are sufficiently unrelated to the drawing process, so he stores them in a closet. In the software equivalent of this process, you end the drawing program, put away your drawing tools, find an appropriate place on the hard drive to store the image, and send it to someone else via electronic mail. These functions are clearly separated from the drawing process by goals and motivations. By examining users goals, we are naturally guided to an appropriate form for the application. Instead of merely putting every function in a dialog box, we can see that some functions shouldn t be enclosed in a dialog at all. Others should be put into a dialog that is integral to the main body of the interface, and still other functions should be completely removed from the program.
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