Take things away until the design breaks, then put that last thing back in. in Java

Writer QR-Code in Java Take things away until the design breaks, then put that last thing back in.
Take things away until the design breaks, then put that last thing back in.
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DESIGN principle
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14: Visual Interface Design
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As pilot and poet Antoine de Saint Exupery famously said: Perfection is attained not when there is no longer anything to add, but when there is no longer anything to take away. As you create your interfaces, you should constantly be looking to simplify visually. The more useful work a visual element can accomplish while still retaining clarity, the better. As Albert Einstein suggested, things should be as simple as possible, but no simpler. Related to the drive for simplicity is the concept of leverage, which is where a single interface element is used for multiple, related purposes. For example, in Microsoft Windows XP, an icon is presented next to the title of the window (see Figure 14-8). This icon is used both to visually communicate the contents of the window (for example, whether it is an Explorer window or a Word document) and to provide access to window configuration commands such as Minimize, Maximize, and Close. In general, interaction designers, not visual designers, are best suited to tackle the assignment of multiple functions to visual elements. Such mapping of elements requires significant insight into the behavior of users in context, the behavior of the software, and programming issues. Don t go overboard in doing this, though many designers get caught up in the idea of creating a more efficient elegant solution and end up adding too many functions to a control, ultimately confusing users.
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Figure 14-8 The icon in the title bar of windows in Windows XP is a good example of leverage. It both communicates the contents of the window and provides access to window configuration commands.
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Part II: Designing Behavior and Form
Text in visual interfaces
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Text is a critical component to almost all user interfaces. Written language is capable of conveying dense and nuanced information, but significant care must be taken to use text appropriately, as it also has a great potential to confuse and complicate. People recognize letters primarily by their shapes. The more distinct the shape, the easier the letter is to recognize, which is why WORDS TYPED IN ALL CAPITAL LETTERS ARE HARDER TO READ than upper/lowercase the familiar patternmatching hints are absent in capitalized words, so we must pay much closer attention to decipher what is written. Avoid using all caps in your interfaces. Recognizing words is also different from reading, where we consciously scan the individual words and interpret their meaning in context. Interfaces should try to minimize the amount of text that must be read in order to navigate the interface successfully: After a user has navigated to something interesting, he should be able to read details if appropriate. Using short, easily recognized words facilitates navigation with minimal conscious reading. Our brains can rapidly differentiate objects in an interface if we represent what objects are by using visual symbols and idioms. After we have visually identified the type of object we are interested in, we can read the text to distinguish which particular object we are looking at. In this scheme, we don t need to read about types of objects we are not interested in, thus speeding navigation and eliminating excise. The accompanying text only comes into play after we have decided that it is important.
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DESIGN principle
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Visually show what; textually tell which.
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When text must be read in interfaces, the following guidelines apply:
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Use high contrast text Make sure that the text is in high contrast with the background and do not use complementary colors that may affect readability. We aim for 80% contrast as a general rule of thumb. Choose an appropriate typeface and size In general, a crisp sans-serif font such as Verdana or Tahoma is your best bet for readability. Serif typefaces such as Times or Georgia can appear hairy onscreen, but using a large enough size and font smoothing or appropriate anti-aliasing can often mitigate this issue. Type sizes of less than 10 pixels are difficult to read in most situations, and if you must use small type, it s usually best to go with a sans-serif typeface without anti-aliasing.
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14: Visual Interface Design Phrase your text clearly Make your text understandable by using the fewest words necessary to clearly convey meaning. Also, try to avoid abbreviations. If you must abbreviate, use standard abbreviations.
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