Part II: Designing Behavior and Form in Java

Maker Denso QR Bar Code in Java Part II: Designing Behavior and Form
Part II: Designing Behavior and Form
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vary from check to check, but it probably stays within 10 or 20% of the last check written to them. All this information can be used to help the application recognize what is going on, and use that information to help the user.
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Preference thresholds
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The decisions people make tend to fall into two primary categories: important and unimportant. Any given activity may involve hundreds of decisions, but only a few of them are important. All the rest are insignificant. Software interfaces can use this idea of preference thresholds to simplify tasks for users. After you decide to buy that car, you don t really care who finances it as long as the terms are competitive. After you decide to buy groceries, the particular check-out aisle you select may not be important. After you decide to ride the Matterhorn at Disneyland, you don t really care which toboggan they seat you in. Preference thresholds guide us in our user interface design by demonstrating that asking users for successively detailed decisions about a procedure is unnecessary. After a user asks to print, we don t have to ask him how many copies he wants or whether the image is landscape or portrait. We can make an assumption about these things the first time out, and then remember them for all subsequent invocations. If the user wants to change them, he can always request the Printer Options dialog box. Using preference thresholds, we can easily track which facilities of the application each user likes to adjust and which are set once and ignored. With this knowledge, the application can offer choices where it has an expectation that a user will want to take control, not bothering him with decisions he won t care about.
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Mostly right, most of the time
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Task coherence predicts what users will do in the future with reasonable, but not absolute, certainty. If our application relies on this principle, it s natural to wonder about the uncertainty of our predictions. If we can reliably predict what the user will do 80% of the time, it means that 20% of the time we will be wrong. It might seem that the proper step to take here is to offer users a choice, but this means that they will be bothered by an unnecessary dialog 80% of the time. Rather than offering a choice, the application should go ahead and do what it thinks is most appropriate and allow users to override or undo it. If the undo facility is sufficiently easy to use and understand, users won t be bothered by it. After all, they will have to use undo only two times out of ten instead of having to deal with a redundant dialog box eight times out of ten. This is a much better deal for humans.
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Metaphors, Idioms, and Affordances
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Some interface designers speak of finding the right metaphor upon which to base their interface designs. They imagine that filling their interface with images of familiar objects from the real world will give their users a pipeline to easy learning. So, they create an interface masquerading as an office filled with desks, file cabinets, telephones, and address books, or as a pad of paper or a street of buildings. If you, too, search for that magic metaphor, you will be in august company. Some of the best and brightest designers in the interface world consider metaphor selection as one of their first and most important tasks. We find this very literal approach to be limiting and potentially problematic. Strict adherence to metaphors ties interfaces unnecessarily to the workings of the physical world. One of the most fantastic things about digital products is that the working model presented to users need not be bound by the limitations of physics and the inherent messiness of real three-dimensional space. User interfaces based on metaphors have a host of other problems as well: There aren t enough good metaphors to go around, they don t scale well, and the ability of users to recognize them is often questionable, especially across cultural boundaries. Metaphors, especially physical and spatial metaphors, have an extremely limited place in the design of most Information-Age, software-enabled products. In this
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