DESIGN principle in Java

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DESIGN principle
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Avoid blank slates.
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It s easy to assume nothing about what your users want, and rather, ask a bunch of questions up front to help determine what they want. How many applications have you seen that start with a big dialog asking a bunch of questions But normal people not power users aren t always capable or comfortable explaining what they want to an interactive product. They would much rather see what the application thinks is right and then manipulate that to make it exactly right. In most cases, your application can make a fairly correct assumption based on past experience. For example, when you create a new document in Microsoft Word, the application creates a blank document with preset margins and other attributes rather than opening a dialog that asks you to specify every detail. PowerPoint does a less adequate job, asking you to choose the base style for a new presentation each time you create one. Both applications could do better by remembering frequently and recently used styles or templates, and making those the defaults for new documents.
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Part II: Designing Behavior and Form
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DESIGN principle
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Ask for forgiveness, not permission.
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Just because we use the word think in conjunction with an interactive product doesn t mean that the software needs to be intelligent (in the human sense) and try to determine the right thing to do by reasoning. Instead, it should simply do something that has a statistically good chance of being correct and then provide a user with powerful tools for shaping that first attempt, instead of merely giving the user a blank slate and challenging him to have at it. This way the application isn t asking for permission to act but rather for forgiveness after the fact. For most people, a completely blank slate is a difficult starting point. It s so much easier to begin where someone has already left off. A user can easily fine-tune an approximation provided by the application into precisely what he desires with less risk of exposure and mental effort than he would have from drafting it from nothing. As we discuss in 11, endowing your application with a good memory is the best way to accomplish this.
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DESIGN principle
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Differentiate between command and configuration.
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Another problem crops up quite frequently whenever functions with many parameters are invoked by users. The problem comes from the lack of differentiation between a function and the configuration of that function. If you ask an application to perform a function itself, the application should simply perform that function and not interrogate you about your precise configuration details. To express precise demands to the program, you would request the configuration dialog. For example, when you ask many applications to print a document, they respond by launching a complex dialog box demanding that you specify how many copies to print, what the paper orientation is, what paper feeder to use, what margins to set, whether the output should be in monochrome or color, what scale to print it at, whether to use PostScript fonts or native fonts, whether to print the current page, the current selection, or the entire document, and whether to print to a file and if so, how to name that file. All those options are useful, but all we wanted was to print the document, and that is all we thought we asked for. A much more reasonable design would be to have a command to print and another command for print setup. The print command would not issue any dialog but would just go ahead and print, either using previous settings or standard, vanilla
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10: Orchestration and Flow
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settings. The print setup function would offer up all those choices about paper and copies and fonts. It would also be very reasonable to be able to go directly from the configure dialog to printing. The print control on the Word toolbar offers immediate printing without a dialog box. This is perfect for many people, but for those with multiple printers or printers on a network, it may offer too little information. A user may want to see which printer is selected before he either clicks the control or summons the dialog to change it first. This is a good candidate for some simple modeless output placed on a toolbar or status bar (it is currently provided in the ToolTip for the control, which is good, but the feedback could be better still). Word s print setup dialog is called Print... and is available from the File menu. Its name could be more descriptive, although the ellipsis does, according to GUI standards, give some inkling that it will launch a dialog. There is a big difference between configuring and invoking a function. The former may include the latter, but the latter shouldn t include the former. In general, any user invokes a command ten times for every one time he configures it. It is better to make a user ask explicitly for configuration one time in ten than it is to make a user reject the configuration interface nine times in ten. Microsoft s printing solution is a reasonable rule of thumb. Put immediate access to functions on buttons in the toolbar and put access to function-configuration dialog boxes on menu items. The configuration dialogs are better pedagogic tools, whereas the buttons provide immediate action.
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