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The creation of private addressing created an address space that is divided into two types: public address space and private address space. Understanding the difference is important and useful for a network administrator, especially if your organization is connected to the Internet. All of the public address space IP addresses are routable via the Internet and are managed by one of the three regional Internet registries (rIrs). Each rIr is responsible for a geographic region.
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Don t confuse RIRs with the Internet s Network Information Center, InterNIC, at www.internic.net and its designated registrars, such as Network Solutions, Inc. They handle domain name registration, not address registration.
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The IAnA distributes IP addresses to the rIrs. You must request address space, and IAnA will either grant or deny your request. Alternatively, you can request the address space from your IsP [who then, in turn, allocates from its American registry of Internet numbers (ArIn) allotted address space or makes the request on your behalf]. receiving an address space from your IsP is the much more common approach as it obviates the need to try to obtain your own address space. In practice, if an organization is connected to a single provider, there is little if any reason for it to have its own address space. Even those organizations that are connected to multiple providers can usually get adequate functionality by using each provider s address space and load-balancing across each provider s network. This system preserves address space and provides a central authority to prevent address-space collisions. When you are using a public address, you can send to and receive from all (unbroken) parts of the Internet. This means that all routers on the Internet know how to route data to your IP address. Because of this, not all address space is portable. If you own your address space, you can authorize an IsP to route it for you, but there is a chance that when you change providers or locations, it will no longer be possible to route your IP addresses to the new location. (You might, therefore, want to check before you travel with your address space.) This is so because providers typically like to advertise and receive only large blocks of address space to prevent Internet routing tables from being overwhelmed. If every device on the Internet could move to any provider at will, then the Internet routing tables would become extremely large and inefficient, resulting in an unstable
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environment for every user. For customers who might want to change providers, the use of private addresses assists this process while still maintaining Internet routing stability.
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Private IP Addressing
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The IAnA has reserved the following three blocks of IP address space for private intranets (local networks): to to to Any organization can use these private addresses in whatever way they want; they just cannot advertise them on the Internet or expect to send or receive traffic from other organizations using these addresses. These addresses are private and are expected to remain within a particular organization. It is quite common to find most customers using one or multiple of these address ranges in their internal network, performing an address translation function to map these private addresses to public addresses for communicating to other devices on the Internet. In addition, IP addresses in the range of to are reserved for automatic private IP addressing. These IP addresses should not be used on the Internet. If you see an inbound packet to your network with a source address in the private range, it is either a configuration error on the sending device or an attempt by an attacker to obfuscate the origin of the sending device. A packet with a destination address in this range cannot be forwarded, so any incoming packets from this source are essentially a dead end, and the message cannot be returned. (Your provider would drop the packet because there would not be a destination for a private address range in its routing table.)
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