The show log command in .NET

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Listing 2.9 The show log command
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A:PE1>config>log>log-id# show log log-id 99 =================================================================== Event Log 99 ===================================================================
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2.2 C OM M A n D -LI n E I n T E R FAC E
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Description : Default System Log Memory Log contents [size=500 next event=25 (not wrapped)] 24 2006/08/17 15:30:55.29 UTC WARNING: SYSTEM #2006 - CHASSIS tmnxMDATable: Slot 1, MDA 2 configuration modified 23 2006/08/17 15:30:55.29 UTC WARNING: SYSTEM #2007 - PORT Pool on Port 1/2/ Modified managed object created . 5 2006/08/17 15:30:55.29 UTC MINOR: CHASSIS #2004 - Mda 1/2 Class MDA Module : wrong type inserted
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now you should complete the lab exercises to assist you in reinforcing this chapter s features. These lab exercises are carefully designed to give you hands-on experience configuring many of the technology standards that have been discussed and should greatly aid you in your exam preparation.
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Practice Lab: Alcatel-Lucent 7750/7450 Hardware and the CLI
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The following lab is designed to reinforce your knowledge of the content in this chapter. Please review the instructions carefully and perform the steps in the order in which they are presented. The practice labs require that you have access to three or more Alcatel-Lucent 7750 SRs or Alcatel-Lucent 7450 ESSs in a non-production environment.
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These labs are designed to be used in a controlled lab environment. Please DO NOT attempt to perform these labs in a production environment.
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Lab Section 2.1: First Contact
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Every router needs to be configured, maintained, and updated. The common aspects of these operations are connecting to the router, modifying the configuration, saving the changes, and (possibly) rebooting. hopefully, all these operations leave the router in a state whereby it is possible to reconnect! The first lab exercise focuses on basic connectivity for communicating with the router itself; the remaining exercises illustrate how to explore, modify, and save the router configuration. If you are familiar with the
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C h a p t e r 2 n t h e a l Cat e l - luC e n t 7750 S r a n d 7450 e S S C o m p on e n t S
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command line in DOS, unIX, or Linux, you will see many similarities with the CLI in Alcatel-Lucent 7750/7450 routers. Objective In this exercise, you will connect to the router s command-line interface (CLI), enter commands, then disconnect or reboot the router. You will need either physical access to the equipment or the IP address of the management port. Validation You will know that you have succeeded if you get an interactive command prompt and are able to change the text of that prompt. Throughout all the lab exercises, interaction with the router is exclusively through a text-based CLI. As previously mentioned, establishing the connection to the CLI is achieved via any (or all!) of three ways: a serial RS-232 port on the SF/CPM card; the dedicated Ethernet management (out-of-band) port on the SF/CPM card; or any regular Ethernet network (in-band) port. Each option is covered briefly below. 1. Connect to the router s CLI to get a login prompt: Via the Serial Port You will need physical access to the router to connect a laptop (or other suitable device) to the serial port with a serial cable. The default serial port settings are: 115000, n, 8, 1 with no flow control. For software, you will need a terminal emulator program; common options for MS Windows are hyperterm, Kermit, PuTTY, and for Linux, minicom or seyon. Via the Management or Network Port You will need to know the configured address for the router. If there s no one to ask, or the equipment has never previously been set up, your only option is to connect via the serial port. For software, you should use an SSh program; common options for MS Windows are PuTTY; SecureCRT; OpenSSh; and for Linux, the built-in command ssh. In either case, if you don t immediately see the prompt login as:, pressing the [Enter] key should make it appear. 2. Log In Routers are shipped with a default account admin and password admin. Try using these at the login prompt. If they don t work, you ll need to ask for a login account and password from the regular system administrator. If everything worked properly, you should see something like the following:
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