SF/CPM (Switch Fabric/Control Processor Module) Card Common to the SR-7 and 12 in .NET

Integrating code-128c in .NET SF/CPM (Switch Fabric/Control Processor Module) Card Common to the SR-7 and 12
SF/CPM (Switch Fabric/Control Processor Module) Card Common to the SR-7 and 12
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CPM Console Port
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OOB-CPM Management Ethernet Port
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There are a few key points to keep in mind when provisioning the Alcatel-Lucent 7750 SR and 7450 ESS series. First, you have the ability to provision slots, IOMs, MDAs, and ports before or after they are physically installed. Second, you can also optionally specify which line cards are permitted to be installed in a particular slot and which MDAs are permitted to be installed in a particular IOM. A line card or MDA will not initialize unless the installed type matches the permitted type. This feature should be used with caution since it can prevent an IOM or MDA from functioning properly if it is installed in a card that is configured for a different type of hardware. There is a certain order that should be followed when configuring the AlcatelLucent SR/ESS products. You should perform the following steps in the order listed: 1. Select a chassis slot and provision the IOM type for the slot.
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C h a p t e r 2 n t h e a l Cat e l - luC e n t 7750 S r a n d 7450 e S S C o m p on e n t S
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2. Select an MDA slot and specify the MDA type for the slot. 3. Select a port and configure it. Remember that IOMs, MDAs, and ports must be enabled with a no shutdown command. All ports are initially shut down when the products are initialized. Sample configuration steps for an IOM, MDA, and port are shown in Listings 2.3, 2.4, and 2.5 respectively.
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Listing 2.3 IOM configuration example
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SR1# configure card 1 SR1>config>card# card-type iom-20g SR1>config>card# no shutdown
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Listing 2.4 MDA configuration example
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SR1>config>card# mda 1 SR1>config>card>mda# mda-type m60-10/100eth-tx SR1>config>card>mda# no shutdown
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Listing 2.5 Port configuration example
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SR1# configure port 1/1/1 SR1>config>port# no shutdown .
There are many steps that are typically used to configure a system from startup. not all of these steps will necessarily be followed for every system, but you can use this series of steps as a template for what is typical for initial setups. 1. Log in to the Alcatel-Lucent SR/ESS using console input. 2. Configure the system name and change the admin user password. 3. Configure the CPM Ethernet management IP address. 4. Configure additional BOF parameters. 5. Configure IOM cards.
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2.2 C OM M A n D -LI n E I n T E R FAC E
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6. Configure MDA cards. 7. view alarms. 8. Configure the system address. 9. Configure logs if required. 10. view the entire running config. A few of the items in the typical configuration list deserve special attention. Although some of the items are optional, you must configure a system name, and you should always change the admin password. System Name The system name can be any ASCII-printable string of up to 32 characters. The system name is configured in the config CLI context. If the name contains spaces, it must be enclosed in double quotes to delimit the start and end of the name. The system name becomes part of the CLI prompt. It is best practice not to use spaces in the system name. If you want to separate words or characters in the system name, use either an underscore or a dash. Passwords The default login and password is admin. This password should be changed before your Alcatel-Lucent SR/ESS system is put into service. The system automatically creates at least one admin user (the default) and must retain at least one admin user unless you are using an external protocol such as RADIuS or TACACS+ to provide authentication. You can configure the following password parameters: Aging The maximum number of days (1 to 500) that a password remains valid before the user must change it. The default is no aging enforced. Attempts The number of unsuccessful login attempts allowed in a specified time period. If the configured threshold is exceeded, the user is locked out for a specified time. In the following example, a user is locked out for 10 minutes if four unsuccessful login attempts occur in a 10-minute period:
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Count: 4 Time (minutes): 10 Lockout (minutes): 10
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Authentication Order You can configure the order in which password authentication is attempted among RADIuS, TACACS +, and local methods.
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