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Tier 2 Provider A large ISP that pays for at least some of their transit services to connect to all networks of the Internet. The majority of large ISPs are Tier 2 providers. ToS Type of Service Specifically, an IPv4 header field, used to specify the required service priority for the packet. However, generally used to refer to the header field of all Layer 2 frames or Layer 3 packets that specifies the priority of the frame or packet. TP (TP0, TP4) Transport Protocol TP is an ISO communications protocol that operates at Layer 4.
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TTL Time to Live A field in an IP packet header that indicates how long the packet is valid. The TTL value is decremented at each hop. When the TTL equals zero, the packet is no longer considered valid because it has exceeded its maximum hop count and is discarded. UDP User Datagram Protocol A connectionless transport layer protocol belonging to the Internet Protocol suite. In contrast to TCP, UDP does not guarantee reliability or ordering of the packets. VBR Variable Bit Rate Variable Bit Rate traffic is bursty in nature. In ATM networks VBR virtual connections are configured with two different cell rates: Peak Cell Rate (PCR) and Sustained Cell Rate (SCR). VC Virtual Circuit A Virtual Circuit is a communications link that behaves like a dedicated point-to-point circuit, even though it is not. Data packets are delivered to the user in guaranteed sequential order, as if they were sent over a true point-to-point circuit. VCI Virtual Channel Identification The VCI is part of the address of an ATM Virtual Circuit. The complete address of the VC consists of the VCI and the VPI. VCIs are assigned for one hop only; each switch cross-connects cells from one VC to the next, reassigning VCIs.
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VID VLAN ID A VID is a 12-bit field in an Ethernet frame that uniquely identifies the VLAN to which the frame belongs. VLAN Virtual Local Area Network A logical group of network devices that appear to be on the same LAN, regardless of their physical location. VLL Virtual Leased Line A Layer 2 point-to-point service also referred to as Virtual Private Wire Service (VPWS). A VLL service is a pseudo-wire service used to carry traffic belonging to different network technologies over an IP/MPLS core. VLSM Variable Length Subnet Masking A routing protocol is said to support VLSM if it carries the subnet mask in the routing update. This permits the use of different subnet masks on different components of the network. All modern routing protocols support VLSM (including RIPv2, OSPF, and IS-IS). VoIP Voice Over IP VOIP, also referred to as IP Telephony, is a technology for transmitting voice traffic over an IP network. VPI Virtual Path Identification The VPI is an 8-bit field in the ATM cell header that indicates the virtual path over which the cell should be routed. The VPI is assigned on connection setup by the devices at the two ends of a hop. Each switch that the Virtual Path Channel (VPC) traverses cross-connects the VPC from one port and VPI to another port and VPI. VPLS Virtual Private LAN Service VPLS is a class of VPN that allows the connection of multiple sites in a single bridged domain over a provider IP/MPLS network. A VPLS appears to the customer as if they were connected to an Ethernet switch. VPN Virtual Private Network A way to provide dedicated communications between a group of private sites over a common provider network.
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VPRN Virtual Private Routed Network VPRN is a class of VPN that allows the connection of multiple sites in a routed domain over a provider managed MPLS network. VPRN is an IP protocol solution, and with it the service provider retains routing control. VPWS Virtual Private Wire Service A point-to-point link connecting two CE routers. VPWS, also known as pseudo-wire, is a VPN service that provides a Layer 2 point-to-point service (link emulation) that connects two CE routers. The CE router in the customer network is connected to a Provider Edge in the provider network by a physical attachment or a logical circuit. WAN Wide Area Network A network spanning a broad area (crossing metropolitan, regional, or national boundaries), designed to interconnect computing devices.
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