User composes the data. in .NET

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User composes the data.
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PC adds headers to the packet.
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Routers examine the IP Layer and forward the packet NOTE: Routers may change the Network Interface header depending on the network type.
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The server extracts data from the various layers.
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Legend Application TCP/UDP IP Ethernet
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1.4 : OV E RV I E W OF TC P / I P
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The process begins when the user composes data and hands it to a process on his or her computer for network processing. Assume that the user has composed an email and pressed the Send key in her email application. Behind the scenes, the email application will take the data the user has written and place an SMTP protocol header in front of it (the SMTP header is marked in darkest gray in Figure 1.13). The mail application will then make a request to a TCP process running on the user s computer to send the SMTP data. TCP will accept the SMTP information, possibly breaking it into discrete units of information, and place a TCP header in front of the SMTP header. This process continues in like manner with TCP handing its information to the IP process that places an IP header in front of the TCP header (the IP header is marked in lightest gray in Figure 1.13), after which the IP process passes its information to the Ethernet process so that the Ethernet header can be placed in front of the IP header. Now that all of the protocol headers have been inserted one in front of the other, the packet is ready for transmission across the network. In the figure, each router in the path would remove the Layer 2/Ethernet header, read the Layer 3/IP header information in order to know what next hop to forward the packet to, place a new Layer 2 header onto the packet, and forward the packet out of the appropriate interface. The reason for this is that Layer 2 headers are only used on local network connections such as Ethernet or a PPP link. Once the packet reaches the next router, the Layer 2 information is no longer relevant, and therefore a new Layer 2 header must be created and added to the packet in front of the IP header. The exact process used to determine what information to place in the Layer 2 header is described in later chapters, so all that is necessary for you to understand at this point is that a new Layer 2 header is created by each router along the path as it forwards packets. Another critical point to understand is that the packets are forwarded strictly based on the information in the IP header. None of the routers in the path need to read either the TCP or SMTP headers in order to properly forward the packets. We should note that in some circumstances a router might examine the TCP information in order to forward packets based on the upper layer protocol. For example, a provider might wish to give hTTP traffic priority over SMTP traffic in the event of network congestion. however, this is a deviation from the standard forwarding process. Typically, a router will forward packets based only on the information in the IP header as described. It is only when the packet reaches the end-host that the TCP and SMTP headers are examined and removed.
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At the destination host, the process previously described to create the packet is performed in the reverse direction, with each process removing the appropriate header and forwarding the remaining information, complete with upper layer headers, on to the next process. In our example, an Ethernet process would remove the Ethernet header, and then it would be processed by the IP, TCP, and SMTP processes, respectively.
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This is a simplified example for mail. In reality, the mail would be delivered to a mail server, and then the destination user would retrieve his or her email using a different protocol. However, the process performed at the mail server to receive the packets is as described.
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That this process works so well and so reliably is a testament to the layered design of TCP/IP that provides for the segregation of responsibility required to allow for such diverse networks to intercommunicate seamlessly.
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