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FDB Forwarding Database The table in an Ethernet switch or the table maintained for a VPLS instance that contains the list of known MAC addresses and the ports on which they were learned. In the case of the VPLS, the entries contain either the SAP or the SDP on which the address was learned. FFPC Flexible Fast Path complex The chipset on an Alcatel-Lucent 7750 SR IOM that is responsible for packet forwarding. FIB Forwarding Information Base FIB is the set of information that represents the best forwarding information for a destination. A device derives FIB entries from the reachability information held in the RIB, which is subject to administrative routing. FIN End of Data Generally used in data transmission protocols to indicate the end of transmission. In TCP, a single-bit flag (similar to the SYN and ACK bits) that indicates one side has finished its transmission and has closed the connection. FIN-ACK The sequence by which one end of a TCP connection indicates that it wishes to close the connection and acknowledges the FIN that has been sent by the other end. Frame-Relay A data transmission technique that combines high-speed and low-delay circuitswitching with port sharing and dynamic bandwidth allocation capabilities. FrameRelay divides transmission bandwidth into numerous Virtual Circuits and supports bursts of data. Frame-Relay does not require significant processing at each node, delegating error correction and flow control to the attached user devices. FTP File Transfer Protocol FTP is the Internet standard client-server protocol for transferring files from one computer to another. FTP generally runs over TCP.
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GFC Generic Flow Control GFC is a field in the ATM header that provides local flow control. It has local significance only, and the value encoded in the field is not carried end-to-end. GigE Gigabit Ethernet An Ethernet standard that supports a transmission rate of 1,000,000,000,000 bits per second. Both copper and fiber standards are defined. GUI Graphical User Interface A GUI is a computer user interface that incorporates graphics to make software easier to use. HDLC High Level Data Link Layer Control HDLC is an ISO standard for serial data communication. HDLC is composed of a family of bit-oriented protocols providing frames of information with address, control, and Frame Check Sequence fields. It is considered a superset of several other protocols, including PPP. HEC Header Error Control The HEC is an 8-bit Cyclic Redundancy Check that is used to check for errors in the header of each ATM cell. HLEN Header Length A field in the IPv4 header that indicates the length (in units of 4 bytes) of the header, since the IP header length is variable. If there are no options used in the IP header, the value is 5 (20 bytes). The maximum value is 15, limiting the maximum IPv4 header size to 60 bytes. HTTP Hypertext Transfer Protocol A set of rules for exchanging text, graphics, sound, video, and other multimedia files across the Internet. HTTP is the protocol of the World Wide Web. IANA Internet Assigned Numbers Authority The IANA is the body that oversees the assignment of IP addresses, AS numbers, domain names, and other Internet Protocol addresses.
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ICMP Internet Control Message Protocol ICMP is a protocol that sends and receives the control and error messages used to manage the behavior of the TCP/IP stack. ICMP is defined in RFC 792. IEEE Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers A worldwide engineering publishing and standards-making body. It is the organization responsible for defining many of the standards used in the computer, electrical, and electronics industries. IETF Internet Engineering Task Force The IETF is the organization that provides the coordination of standards and specification development for TCP/IP networking. IGP Interior Gateway Protocols Generic term applied to any protocol used to propagate network reach and routing information within an AS. OSPF, IS-IS, and RIP are examples of IGPs. IHL IP Header Length A variation of HLEN the length of the IP header. iBGP Internal BGP iBGP is a type of BGP used within a single AS. iBGP is a protocol for exchanging routing information between routers within an autonomous network. The routing information can then be used by IP. iLER Ingress Label Edge Router For a specific LSP, the first, or ingress MPLS router. The ingress LER receives an unlabeled packet and pushes an MPLS label onto the packet and forwards it through the MPLS domain. IOM Input/Output Module A module on the Alcatel-Lucent 7750 SR that interconnects two MDAs with the fabric core. The module also performs Layer 3 traffic management.
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